Adam B. Coleman

Writer, Author and Founder of Wrong Speak Publishing

Adam B. Coleman is the Author of “Black Victim To Black Victor“, Op-Ed Writer, Public Speaker, and the Founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. 

Adam is a columnist for Human Events, a frequent contributor for The New York Post, and has articles published in NewsweekThe FederalistThe Epoch TimesDaily MailThe Post MillennialUnherdScoonTVFree Black ThoughtLife News HQ & Human Defense Initiative.

He has also appeared on FOX News, Talk TV, Fox Business, Newsmax, The Hill’s “Rising”, Sky News Australia, OAN, The First TV and numerous podcasts.

You can also read his thought-provoking articles on Substack:

Adam was born in Detroit but raised in a variety of states throughout America. He writes openly about his struggles with fatherlessness, homelessness, and masculinity. 

He is always questioning the world around him, even if they are uncomfortable questions to ask.

He strongly believes that we should all have the ability to speak freely and is now advocating for people who feel voiceless to be heard.

He is attempting to help change the narrative and the way we discuss cultural narratives by being honest, humble, and resolute. 

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