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Author and Founder of Wrong Speak Publishing

Former Liberal, present day free thinker. Believer of equality of thought, free speech and open conversations. Proud American that prefers to be judged by character over skin.

Adam B. Coleman is the Author of “Black Victim To Black Victor“, Op-Ed Writer, Public Speaker, Host of “A Good Faith Space” Twitter Spaces show. 

He’s had articles published in The New York Post, Newsweek, Daily Mail, Human Events, The Post Millennial, The Federalist, Unherd, Free Black Thought, ScoonTV & Human Defense Initiative.

Writing Staff

Audra Facinelli

Senior Editor

Audra Facinelli is a proud advocate for Women and Children’s rights. She is an editor at Wrong Speak Publishing, as well as a writer. She writes about a variety of topics including science, pop culture, politics, philosophy and cultural issues.

Rebecca Velo

Contributing Editor

Rebecca Velo is a commonsense conservative and a mother of 4 small children. She has an academic background in political science and mental health counseling, with degrees from the University of Arizona and the University of Phoenix. 

John Sullivan

Staff Writer

Born and raised in North Central Florida, John Sullivan found himself orphaned by the time he was eleven. Facing poverty and abuse Mr. Sullivan made a decision at a young age to turn his life over to knowledge. Now as an adult he shares his unique perspective on poverty, race, and the political regimes of our time.

Judson Vereen

Staff Writer

Judson Vereen is an author (Like a Bird Knows to Sing, American Pleasure, 62 Poems) and artist born in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia. Part of an increasingly rare group of autodidact artists, Vereen dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen and never returned to formal education. Vereen’s artistic pursuits include painting, filmmaking, recorded music and spoken word poetry.

He has lived and worked in the cities of Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He currently lives in the countryside of Brasil, with his favorite person, his wife, Yasmin Vereen, where they operate CANVAS- a small graphics design business catered to serving writers and musicians.

Dr. Joel Brown

Staff Writer

Dr. Joel Brown FRSA is a qualified General Practitioner with a decade of experience as a physician. He was born in Jamaica but now resides in the UK with his wife and 2 daughters. He writes about his perspective on culture, politics, faith, and the values of democracy.
Joel is also a self-taught pianist, guitarist, and lifelong singer-songwriter who uses his passion for the arts and creativity to inspire hope, joy, and liberation in anyone who will listen. 


Family man who values character over color. Politically homeless, dispositionally conservative. Lover of humanity’s ability to build wisdom through the cherished words of our ancestors, and applying reasoned thought to the present.

Cynthia Kaui


Cynthia Kaui is a Conservative Political Activist based in San Diego, California. In the past, she’s volunteered for Republican Governor & State Assembly campaigns & the effort to Recall Gavin Newsom.

Ada Akpala


Ada is a new writer and podcaster from the United Kingdom.

She specialises on debunking sensationalist and inaccurate narratives about current and historical events, particularly in regard to race.

She believes that we are the rulers of our own life and refuses to accept the victimisation culture that has been sold to many groups, particularly black people, and she spends the majority of her time creating content to combat such mentalities.

Maret Jaks


Maret Jaks is the daughter of a refugee from Stalin’s Mad Dream. Based in Toronto, she spent the first half of her childhood in Canada and the second half of it in the United States (Philadelphia and San Francisco). 

Having grown up in a family shattered by Communism, she profoundly values the importance of free speech and the need for every citizen to be informed and engaged in the democratic process.

Deb Fillman


Deb Fillman, MSed, is a homeschooling mom of three, former Elementary School teacher, private tutor, and host of the YouTube channel The Reason We Learn. She is dedicated to empowering parents to teach their own children, or to find alternative solutions to schools that are failing their kids academically, and culturally.

Philippe Gosselin is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Newtown; a non-profit organization and cultural certification that allows heterodox consumers direct access to non-woke culture made by free-thinking creators, giving them the power to defund woke capital in culture in the process.

You can help Newtown by pledging a tax-deductible donation on the Institute for Liberal Values page, for which Newtown is part, here. https://ilvalues.org/donate/

Marcus Watkins


Marcus Watkins is a God first conservative, grassroots GOP political activist and proud family man. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Columbia College Chicago. 

Marcus is National Director for the Michigan Republican Assembly, an advisor to and member of BLEXIT Michigan (Former Assistant State Director), a member of the Wayne County Republican Party, Citizens of Free Speech and Michigan Leadership Group. He writes about culture and politics and is a lover of baseball, jazz and fine wine.

Jordan Bolds


God first always, a free independent thinker who is not afraid to challenge the ideas of the status quo. A former D1 Football player, Jordan has a bachelors in both Political science and history and is currently a candidate for a masters in International Affairs. Based in NYC, his topics of interest include sports, history, foreign affairs, culture, and other topics.

Alejandro Urena


Alejandro Urena is a writer and pro-human advocate from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a co-leader for the local FAIR chapter mobilizing against illiberal policy and the CA school curriculum. He also posts about films, writing, and culture on Twitter.

Automotive mechanic by trade, Steve reads on a broad spectrum of topics but tends to focus on philosophy, Communist Russian history, racial and social issues, as well as classical literature such as Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and more.

An autodidact, bibliophile, biker, artist, father, husband, and lover of classical music, Steve is also the host of The Shadetree Intellectual on YouTube, focusing on improving men’s rights and destigmatizing men’s mental health.

Alex Miceli


Writer and YouTuber
Free Speech Absolutist, believer of personal accountability, lifelong learning, and integrity.

Z.K. Paschal


Zaire Paschal is an American ex-pat living in Japan with his wife. To him, it was just returning to the land of his birth. Paschal is also an educator, writer, and musician. He has lots of feelings.

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