wrong Speak's Contributors

Our contributors are thought provoking and genuine people from around the world. Some wish to express themselves with anonymity so their writings can be as honest as possible. They are everyday people from all over the world who just want to be heard.

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Author and Founder of Wrong Speak Publishing

Former Liberal, present day free thinker. Believer of equality of thought, free speech and open conversations. Proud American that prefers to be judged by character over skin.

Other Contributors

Family man who values character over color. Politically homeless, dispositionally conservative. Lover of humanity’s ability to build wisdom through the cherished words of our ancestors, and applying reasoned thought to the present.

Rachael Jean


Former Democrat, Classical Liberal. Open, creative, freedom loving girl. Enjoys philosophy, psychology, and faith matters. Avid outdoor and country living enthusiast. Follower of Jesus…but not a religious person. Living an abundant life of inner peace with Dusty Swanson the love of her life and daughter, on 20 acres of nature. She enjoys her horses, cattle, chickens and gardening.

Cynthia Kaui


Cynthia Kaui is a Conservative Political Activist based in San Diego, California. In the past, she’s volunteered for Republican Governor & State Assembly campaigns & the effort to Recall Gavin Newsom.

Alex Miceli


Writer and YouTuber
Free Speech Absolutist, believer of personal accountability, lifelong learning, and integrity.

John Sullivan


Born and raised in North Central Florida, John Sullivan found himself orphaned by the time he was eleven. Facing down poverty, and abuse Mr. Sullivan made a decision at a young age to turn his life over to knowledge. Now as an adult he shares his unique perspective on poverty, race, and the political regimes of our time.

Z.K. Paschal


Zaire Paschal is an American ex-pat living in Japan with his wife. To him, it was just returning to the land of his birth. Paschal is also an educator, writer, and musician. He has lots of feelings.

Ada Akpala


Ada is a new writer and podcaster from the United Kingdom.

She specialises on debunking sensationalist and inaccurate narratives about current and historical events, particularly in regard to race.

She believes that we are the rulers of our own life and refuses to accept the victimisation culture that has been sold to many groups, particularly black people, and she spends the majority of her time creating content to combat such mentalities.

Maret Jaks


Maret Jaks is the daughter of a refugee from Stalin’s Mad Dream. Based in Toronto, she spent the first half of her childhood in Canada and the second half of it in the United States (Philadelphia and San Francisco). 

Having grown up in a family shattered by Communism, she profoundly values the importance of free speech and the need for every citizen to be informed and engaged in the democratic process.

Professional provocateur. Seeking truth in an otherwise untruthful world. And also a kickass seamstress/ fashion designer.

Rae Cod


Wife, mother, and writer of ruminations, reflections, short stories and poems. A political atheist with spiritual leanings, who sees the world in shades of grey and technicolour. Personal growth addict and lifelong learner who believes that truth is a matter of perspective, not doctrine.

Kimberly Bolger


Kimberly is a lover of her family, and has recently come to a deeper understanding of Christ. She practices occasionally as a rogue nurse, though is most often found happily out of doors, learning tried and true nature and lifestyle medicine. Kimberly cannot go long without writing inspired content of the heart, and asking why? Kimberly is excited to start sharing her written work, and connect with people in this fashion. 

Bridget Depew


Owner of Wordly Perspectives

Christin Thompson


Questioner, sometimes contrarian, often devils advocate, freedom lover.