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Black Victim To Black Victor

With the success of the first edition of this book, came an opportunity to polish this “underdog” book with more editorial clarity that helps to make the original book shine through.

Adam B. Coleman, New York Post contributor, and Human Events columnist, believes that Black Americans are constantly lied to about the source of their community’s issues to profit off their pain and to make sure that they never leave the mindset of the victim. To move forward in American society, black people must be critical of all sectors of Black culture and the people who profit off the mainstream Black victim messaging.

Coleman believes that with honesty, love, ownership, and responsibility, black Americans can leave behind the victim mentality for the truly empowering victor mindset. Once “victor-hood” is embraced, we can achieve a more peaceful union with the rest of American society and stop accepting conflict within the black community as normality.

"...one of the most important thinkers on race in America today"

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