Black Victim To Black Victor


Black Americans are constantly lied to about the source of their community’s issues in an effort to profit off their pain and to make sure that they never leave the mindset of the victim. In order to move forward in American society, black people must be critical of all sectors of black culture and the people that profit off the mainstream black victim messaging. I believe that with honesty, love, ownership and responsibility, black Americans can leave behind the victim mentality for the truly empowering victor mindset. Once victor-hood is embraced, we can achieve a more peaceful union with the rest of American society and stop accepting conflict within the black community as a normality.

Adam B. Coleman - Founder of Wrong Speak Publishing
"Black Victim to Black Victor is a unique look at issues many have discussed before, but from the perspective of someone who lived those experiences day to day. Without the usual academic explanations of statistics and previous attempts to explain differences in cultural or socioeconomic outcomes, Adam B. Coleman puts his arm around the people he has lived amongst his whole life, providing them with honest and incredibly personal insight. With so many “rules” around who can talk about what and when, reading Black Victim to Black Victor was incredibly refreshing in its no holds barred approach to any and all subject matters. You will find few accounts more honest and personal than this as he takes you on his intimate and international journey from victimhood to being a victor."
Thomas St. Thomas
This book does a fantastic job at diagnosing the real issues facing Black America and addressing the root causes of these problems. The author also challenges the often accepted notion that prejudice and racism are the major barriers to the stability and success of today's Black America. Unlike many other Conservatives (regardless of race) who call out the cultural pathologies, the author does it with a very much 'arm around the shoulder' approach, that doesn't come across as victim blaming - all whilst being honest and not afraid to be politically incorrect. At first this book may seem like it's aimed at one audience (the black community) but it also is relatable for any person of any race, because as the book mentions - today's problem in society are mostly not racial. 10/10 would recommend to anyone of any race, sex or age.
Adnan Dauti

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