Book “The Sane Citizens Political Handbook” by Alexander Oakes and Zachariah Oakes




When it comes to politics our country is more divided than ever. Even worse, in today’s day and age this division has transcended politics and now determines where you are allowed to live, who you can be friends with, and even what beer you can drink. Well, if you are like me then this status quo of “us vs them” politics is far from ideal. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is a legitimate travesty that would have the founders rolling in their graves. I say this because what makes this country so special, in my view, is that our country, the United States of America, is built upon a Constitution that enshrines We the People’s power over the nation-state.

In other words, the American people are not subjects, we are citizens, and as citizens it is our inherent right, nay, our responsibility to collectively decide how the levers of US political power are pulled because, at the end of the day, the government answers to us, not the other way around. But we can’t effectively do this when we are busy dividing ourselves into teams and fighting each other, can we?

In essence, that is the problem that this work seeks to remedy. This is to say that The Sane Citizens Political Handbook takes some of the most divisive political issues of our time and breaks them down in a non-partisan way so that you, the sane citizen who is fed up with the current Republican/Democrat duopoly, can have a reasonable position on those issues that is grounded in logic, science, and the US Constitution, not one of the two major political parties.

With that said, if you, like me, are tired of party lines and political tribalism then put on your thinking cap, crack open this book and break free from the red and/or blue chains that have been systematically enslaving you.


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