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Wrong Speak is Orwellian sounding by design. Many of us feel as if our voices are being suppressed because our viewpoints vary slightly from the mainstream narrative. Wrong Speak Publishing is an outlet for these people to feel uninhibited with how they express themselves.

Wrong Speak Publishing includes book releases featured on major book platforms (Available in e-book and physical form) and a blogging platform. If you are interested in joining our efforts, please contact us.

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We are focused on composing intellectual, critical and personable writings that should inspire thoughts and conversations. We do not condone hatred, but we are not afraid to dive deeper into topics that are deemed as taboo.

The Real Face of BLM

In April of 2021, President Joe Biden made the following statement on live television: We won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat

The Disturbing and Troubling Trend of Virtue Signaling

On April 18th, my friend and fellow Wrong Speak publication mate/staff writer John Sullivan appeared as a guest panelist on an episode of Narrative Dissonance on the Safe Space live podcast. John was amazing,

Are We Witnessing The Opening Stage for WW3?

On April 6th President Joe Biden announced sweeping sanctions against the largest banks in Russia. These sanctions came in response to the war crimes being documented around Kyiv. The White

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