Haley Kennington

News Editor

Haley Kennington is an investigative journalist, freelance writer, and reporter, as well as a contributor to dozens of conservative news sites, blogs, and independent media outlets. 

In addition, she’s been employed as copy editor for several online publications & works one-on-one with authors to research, edit, transcribe & ghostwrite. 

Haley served as Research Director & Story Editor for 2020’s #1 documentary on Amazon, “The Plot Against the President.” She then went on to work on the Daily Wire’s 1st independent full-length film, “What Is A Woman,” where she served as Research Director & Archival Editor.

Haley’s Op-Ed and News Articles have been published in The Daily Caller, American Thinker, The Publica, Blasting News, Clash Daily, Loomered, & The Mises Institute.

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