Why I’m Not Voting Democrat this November

I consider myself a pretty liberal-minded person. Not this new authoritarian garbage that has taken over the Democratic party as of late. I mean old-school liberal, when liberalism used to mean “freedom” to do and be what you want to be, so long as your beliefs don’t intrude on other’s rights.  That was founded on the principle of “Live and Let Live”.

I wanted to return to that, and so I voted for Joe Biden. I was well aware of “the squad” and their extremist views, but I thought surely that Joe Biden, being a “Moderate” would lead the country in the right direction.

My main issues with Trump were very similar to that of most people who exclusively read the Washington Post. He “defied norms”. He didn’t respect the constitution, and I don’t like any president who rules by “Executive Orders.”

I certainly did not like his “foot in mouth disease”, in that I felt that someone who carried the name “President of the United States” should not call people “Thugs” when they are rioting. I wanted a president who was more polished, and who said things that I could look back on without any shame.

So, I voted for Joe Biden, and the moment he stepped into office he issued a slew of executive orders. I didn’t mind the mask mandate, as to me a mask is an article of clothing: It was no different than asking someone to wear a shirt or shoes. I mean certainly, this would not lead to mandating injections into the body, right?

So merrily along I went until I decided to get that first dose of the vaccine. I was sick for six weeks, and my doctor could not pinpoint why I was reacting this way to the vaccine. The best he could tell is that whatever I do, please do not get the second dose.

I pushed back a little bit because I was scared of losing my job. To this point, he turned white as a sheet and practically yelled at me to not get the second dose, which was completely out of character for him since I have been under his care for seven years.

So I made the decision that no matter what, I was not going to get that second dose, and if I had to find another job I would do so.

I was relieved that work had accepted my explanation, but the “friendly old man” that I voted for would shock me when he announced he would weaponize OSHA to force everyone to get the shot, whether they wanted it or not. What’s more, it would be up to the employers to enforce this mandate.

I was shocked by this because there is not a single word in the Constitution that gives the president the power to do this.

Those who sat screaming at me for months about the threat to “our democracy” proposed by Donald Trump failed to recognize the truly authoritarian nature of this 150-page monstrosity from OSHA. They did not recognize the abject failure of a president who, just like Trump, would simply “declare an emergency” to get what he wanted.

It left no exceptions for those who had their own offices or who had previously been infected.  It made no mention of doctor’s notes, or what would happen if someone was told by their doctor not to take the vaccine.

I sat trembling for several months, terrified that I would no longer be able to work. I read the law carefully, and it said nothing about independent contractors, so I hoped that I would be able to escape this “rough patch” and perhaps become a Lyft/Uber Driver.

The idea of not being able to work a secure 9-5 job scared me. But what scared me, even more, was the same people who were decrying Trump’s “Authoritarianism” did not recognize Joe Biden’s when it was staring them directly in the face.

Communist dictators throughout history would declare a “State of Emergency” to gain power, and once having done so, would never give it back. This was usually followed by a declarement of “bad people” to blame the country’s problems on, (usually a minority group) and that is when the genocides of said “bad people” would begin.

I remember listening to one of many of Joe Biden’s infamous speeches, where he blamed the “unvaccinated” (even though the vaccine never prevented people from catching or spreading the virus) and became chilled to the bone.

The “dirty unvaccinated” were the reason why our people were still dying from this virus, we were the reason why our country was continuing to suffer. We were unpatriotic, cowards, and traitors.

Thankfully though, our Supreme Court struck this down, and I literally breathed a sigh of relief.

For the first time, in my life, I was grateful for something Donald Trump did. Specifically for Amy Coney Barret and Brett Kavanaugh.

But reading the Supreme Court’s opinion from the three most liberal justices made me realize how close to an authoritarian dictatorship, with Fauci being the dictator we were. There was no mention of the checks and balances our Constitution relies upon to ensure that power is not centralized. To them, the CDC, (an unelected body of experts)  is the ultimate authority, and legislators (who are duly elected to represent their people’s interests) should have absolutely no say.

But as a country, we moved on to other issues such as inflation, the Afghanistan pullout, and of course the country teetering on a recession. But the incident above really put a seed into my mind.

Moving away from the vaccine toward more social issues, this pattern continued. Issues of racism, women’s rights, and LGBTQ became more and more authoritarian. It was not enough to “Live and Let Live” as we must now all bow down to whatever their craziest members come up with and this authoritarianism about the vaccine has trickled its way into social issues.

Gender Ideology’s authoritarianism, through Trans Rights Activists, is, as a woman, something that I have experienced firsthand. With the exceptions of trans-women Blaire White and Debbie Hayton, I scarcely recognize the LGBT movement and the people that I grew up around.

As a feminist I am also particularly sensitive to how Women also have been thrown under the bus to heed trans rights activists (or TRAs):  In their minds, the constant attack on Women’s Rights is okay,  so long as “trans women” get to “live their truth”, because Real Women have privilege, “Cisgender privilege” and don’t suffer from “Cissexism”.

This constant assigning of “privilege” leads to downplaying of real issues that the policies of trans rights activists support causes, such as rape of women in prisons and restrooms and unfairness in women’s sports. The most famous cases of rape in Loudon County, committed by a “gender fluid boy” were of course unfairly covered by literally every other news source that isn’t woman-centered or conservative.

Trans rights activists and their allies come up with all kinds of excuses, like how Lia Thomas doesn’t have a real advantage, that rapes don’t occur in the women’s restrooms, and that we need “prison reform” because rape in prison was occurring anyway.

This attitude of all-or-nothing and callousness has been reinforced by the Biden White House. Biden, the moment he stepped into office, signed executive orders that made it illegal against Title 9 to prohibit “trans women” from using women’s restrooms, sports, and even prisons, with absolutely no regard to the feminists who fought like hell, since the 19th century, to get sex-specific rights and spaces.

I am also concerned about the fact that there has been a 4000% increase in “trans kids”, specifically girls identifying as boys, despite statistically speaking trans women being much more common up and until the late 2000s

I believe that this is due to these controversial lesson plans in Classrooms (by trans rights activists) as well as TikTok, that not all people identifying as Trans are indeed trans.

Being a tomboy, myself growing up, I notice that even the diagnosis of trans people lends itself to extreme sexism, especially towards Women. Thereby this push for trans kids and their medical care has me very concerned about our young women.

I am not the only one with these concerns, as it appears that many state governors are using their power to help protect Women and Children. And at every opportunity Biden has been given to balancing the needs of the trans community with the needs of the general public, his administration has doubled down at every turn.

When governor Ron DeSantis made it illegal to teach about the “gender spectrum” in kindergarten through third grade the Biden White House threatened to sue due to “discrimination” . Somehow lessons such as the “Gender Unicorn” are appropriate to teach children before even speaking to them about puberty, and it is “discrimination” to not be able to come out to your students.

When Governor Gregg Abbott wanted to put age limits on breast removal surgeries, puberty blockers, and hormone replacement therapy as well as investigate parents for child abuse (rightfully so, as a 4000% increase doesn’t just happen in a vacuum) the Biden Administration again condemned the action, stating that once again it was abusing trans kids.  Yet no one can explain to me how subjecting children 12-14 years old to mastectomies is not child abuse.

When multiple states passed legislation protecting women’s sports the Biden Administration once again has called them transphobic. Once again women’s rights and the safety of children are the last things on the Biden Administrations’ minds.

This blind spot towards their constituents, in particular women and parents, is extremely prominent. Although I am a college-educated white woman, I can tell you that erasing womanhood is not what I would describe as a winning strategy to win women’s votes.

Additionally, in an effort to be inclusive, members of the Democratic Party have essentially erased the word “woman” from their vocabulary.

This might be inclusive of the trans community, but the way I see it, women are unique creatures, with unique needs, and this must be recognized in order for our rights to be protected. When you erase women, you erase women’s rights.

Then in a last ditch effort, now that Roe v. Wade is being overturned, they remember women!

“This is an attack on women” they say, despite not saying the word for over two years.

I must say that if I have to choose between being erased as a category, or giving up my “right” to abortion, I’m going to vote for the party that realizes women exist.

I’m going to vote for the party that is protecting women’s sports, women’s restrooms, and women’s right to be called Women.

I’m going to vote for the party that protects children from life changing medical procedures until they are old enough to understand the consequences of those decisions.

I’m going to vote for the party that supports my right to make my own medical decisions in general, not just when it’s politically convenient for them too. 

For all those reasons above, I’m not voting Democrat this November, and neither should you.


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