To Implement Censorship, Joe Rogan Must Be Silenced

The attacks on Joe Rogan from the media & political establishment are not about preventing misinformation. It’s about their desire to control information.

Throughout this entire pandemic, the American public watched propped up expert after expert provide information that repeatedly has been incorrect or overexaggerated. This is not me stating these people don’t know what they are doing but that even experts can be wrong.

With a novel virus like C-19, it’s understandable when the experts make mistakes as they are all attempting to figure out how to approach this global pandemic the best they could. However, the problem is their absolute determination to appear infallible.

We’ve now adopted the new phrase “trust the science” to reinforce group-think and make the common man give up their natural inclination to question people, behaviors & tactics of the expert class within the science & medical field.

I remember early in the pandemic, I asked the question “Why 6-feet?” to a now former friend who had somewhat of a science education in college. Their response was with such a smug attitude as they explained why, to them, 6 ft. for social distancing was the measurement of choice.

But why is a question threatening to those who are so certain about their answers? Honest curiosity by those who are ignorant about said topic shouldn’t be met with vitriol, yet this is the common response when we ask questions about a virus which has disrupted everyone’s life.

We are all ignorant about something. I am ignorant about being a rocket scientist, so my questions about rocket science are going to sound childish to an actual rocket scientist but we would expect this scientist to understand my deficiencies of knowledge in this field.

We are all attempting to become less ignorant yet the expert class, political & media establishment have chosen vengeance upon the ignorant rather than understanding that we are all attempting to become less ignorant but in order to do so, some of us have legitimate questions.

If the experts can occasionally be wrong, then they are well deserving of being questioned. If the mainstream experts can be wrong, then why can’t we hear other viewpoints from other qualified professionals?

The battle over misinformation started before C-19 but C-19 has been the perfect cover to re-establish who controls information & what are the approved narratives because if you can control the information then you can ultimately control the population.

When the ruling class attempts to state Joe Rogan is a threat, it’s not because they care about your safety, it’s because they care about the control over the narrative. They pretend people listen to a 2 hour podcast & make all their medical decisions based off of it.

This is nothing more than elitist thinking because they assume a large segment of the population are essentially moronic. Humans have always consumed information from everywhere to analyzed and decide what works best for themselves. It’s within our nature & it’s for our survival.

Yet we are supposed to suspend human nature & suspend all curiosity in order to succumb to the directive of the state for our individual health concerns. When you don’t, they will mark you as being selfishly dangerous, as if personal health isn’t inherently selfish.

Joe Rogan is no more a threat than your next door neighbor is. People are having conversations everyday as they share ideas, stories, remedies etc. with one another. If people think Joe Rogan & his guests are the only ones expressing descent, they are in for a huge surprise.

Joe has been facing backlash by the media for years because he dares to have a good-faith conversation with even controversial people, some who I adamantly disagree with but I will not deny their importance to the conversation at hand.

The desire to take down Joe Rogan is to set an example as to what happens when you challenge narratives, when you challenge the experts & when you challenge the elitists within our media & government. If they can sufficiently destroy him, then we stand little chance.

The end game has always been about censorship & if C-19 is the catalyst to persuade a majority of the population that some censorship is good, then why wouldn’t they attempt to censor any other dialogue?

Once you give someone power, they rarely give it back. If you allow them to silence those you don’t like today, they will eventually silence those you do like tomorrow.

Originally tweeted by Adam B. Coleman, Super-Spreader of Wrong-Think (@wrong_speak) on January 17, 2022.

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