There is an epidemic of high ego children and they are ruining society

Growing up I would watch television shows like Maury, Sally Jesse Rafael and Jenny Jones and one of the topics that was taboo yet sensational was the phenomenon called “Bad Teens”. They typically had a false level of superiority that gave them the entitlement to hurt and disrespect their natural authority figures, their parents. We no longer have these shows because it is all around us, it is normal. It is no longer outrageous when we condone this behavior.

The episodes where they would have obese children who were having temper tantrums in a grocery store because their mother would not buy their favorite ice cream were shocking to see. Why would a parent let their child grow to such a ridiculous weight level? Why would this child feel that it is okay to act demonstrative for public viewing?

We talk a lot about privilege today but the real word we should be focusing on is ego. We have a population of children with unearned and inflated egos and they are of abundance. They want you to respect them but do not understand that respect goes both ways. Their worldview is as wide as their shadow because their world is the only view they care about. The new age inflated egotistical child is simply a taker in society and cares not to give anything back. They do not respect the idea of giving service because everyone has always serviced them. Worst of all, they view conformity as oppressive instead of it being orderly for the greater society. Structure is a mere nuisance to this child because they are used to living life like a conductor-less freight train on the train tracks of life.

I am not being hyperbolic, look around you. You see those young people smashing the windows of businesses in the name of so-called justice? Only a high ego child believes that they have the right to destroy because their feelings warrant it. Only a high ego child thinks that buildings can simply be replaced without respecting the hundreds of man-hours to build such a structure, the decades of hard work to create a sustainable business, and the lives that this building helped to support. They dismissively say “You have insurance” but there is no coverage for a defeated spirit.

We see young black men being shot by the police, but we make excuses for them entering that predicament due to their lack of respect for authority. From the perspective of the criminal minded high ego child, punishment is inconvenient, and resistance is necessary. The topic of reparations is discussed among the black youth of America but only a high ego child believes they deserve someone else’s money for something they never experienced.

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who thought that he could protect a business in Kenosha, WI with pure determination and a gun, now faces criminal charges because he had an unchecked inflated ego about his perceived skillset. Boys like Kyle are simplistic and idealistic, which is why they should never be in a position of control in our society.

The greatest example of the modern egotistical child is Greta Thunberg. Besides being allowed to carry on with her disrespectful conduct because she suits a political climate change agenda, her attitude towards the rest of the world is peak child ego. The image of her standing in front of the United Nations for the purpose of public scolding is amazingly daunting. This is a room full of adults, more specifically, a room full of professionals with decades of life, economic and political experience being publicly shamed by a child.

These children are exactly that, children. They have no true agency yet in life for a reason as they are unable to see around corners in life. They cannot fully understand consequences like adults are capable of doing and we have been cognizant of this since forever. So why are we letting the inmates run the asylum?

Child Worship

I cannot pinpoint when this started but we have now cultivated a society that is obsessed with child worship. Our children have gone from being our offspring to our personal symbols of religious worship. For example, if you have ever worked in an office environment, there is always that parent that has a desk filled with pictures of their child from every angle; this is essentially a shrine. I have had people ask me why I do not have any pictures of my son and it is very simple; I do not worship my child. I of course love him but there is no reason to worship him. With social media we can now plaster the images of our birthed messiah for the world to see on a daily basis.

All of this has fostered an environment of child worship. Once you worship something, it can do no wrong. It is void of criticism. If your god asked you to do something, you would not tell them no, much like a parent that refuses to deny their child of anything. There are churches in America that encourage you to give a percentage of your household income to the church no matter your financial situation, similarly, we have parents that will work longer hours, go into debt and sacrifice all happiness to give to their child messiah.

Everything starts within the home, but it inevitably spreads into all aspects of society. We no longer see children as mildly functional humans that need guidance before being set free, they are now just miniature adults free to dictate their life outcome. We bowed to their unearned greatness since childhood and we are now suffering for it.

They are all grown up now

The former miniature adults are all grown up now and they have expanded their cult congregation to the general public. Life as we knew it for decades is now all of a sudden too inconvenient for our messiahs. They gravitate towards political ideologies like socialism and communism not for the greater good like they pretend to be. They like socialism and communism because it allows for the state to take from us to give to them. It does not matter if we explain that these systems don’t work, they will just claim that it was not implemented correctly before but they, and only they, know how to do it correctly.

They want us to pay for their student loans, they want us to give them a bailout in life, they want us to guarantee their income with universal basic income (UBI), they want free healthcare and they want cheap yet wonderful government housing. If you have not caught on, the inflated child ego still remains in these adults and they see the general public now as their parents via taxes. We must now take care of them because their parents never taught them independence. We must now take care of them because their parents worshiped them every step of their life. We must now take care of them because their parents called them “special” just for existing in this world. Once you understand this, it only makes sense as to why we are now burdened with their unrelenting demands to be pampered.

Much like their failing parents, we as a society are not disciplining them. We have effectively given up and let them have temper tantrums. They yell in the face of authority, disrespect structure, question the purpose of logic and never give anything in return.

They accept no responsibility because that would require accepting ownership. They are judgmental of those before them because their entire life has been consisted of their perfection. They pull down statues of complicated people from a time long ago because they would prefer to have their own statue instead. They prefer to be revolutionaries but with only the glory and none of the consequences. They want their name in history books without the accomplishments. They manufacture grievances about the unsolvable and believe slogans are solutions.

Take a real look at the protests around America and look at the images of young men and women yelling in the face of a police officer. This is the manifestation of the child yelling for its ice cream except they are shouting at the cashier, someone who cannot give them what they want.

We are now at an impasse. Either we correct the bad behavior, or we will become a withering society. The grown high ego child knows no limits and will not stop until they consume all that is good about our world. Their criticalities will dissect us like a lab frog leaving behind just a carcass of the world we used to know. We will have a world full of “know-it-alls” that know nothing, and we will cease being a functional society because our cultivated messiahs will give us our final cup full of Kool-Aid that we will not wake up from.


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