The New Liberal Savior Class; excerpt from the book “Black Victim To Black Victor”

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from my book titled “Black Victim To Black Victor”. On sale now at Amazon for Kindle and Paperback. Want a signed copy? Click here.

It is only natural to feel sorry for someone that is a victim of anything. You see someone victimized by fraud for example, you intrinsically feel bad and you want to help by giving them advice or crowd sourcing the money that they lost. The problem is that many of us empathize for the short term and pity for the long term. Yes, we are capable of pitying victims even if we genuinely feel bad for their misfortune.

All of these emotions are related to each other and are constantly misconstrued. Empathy quickly turns into pity for the victimized, and in this case, the victimized black. Once you begin to pity someone, you also grow with doubt that they are capable of returning to a position of strength and independence. The pitied become reliant on excess empathy as it is a requirement for the mentally victimized.

Mutual respect dwindles away leaving nothing, but a relationship built on subservience and both parties silently agree on the new terms for their interaction.

There is a new liberal savior class that has been constructed based on the need to passively express their superiority and pity amongst those that they deem misfortunate. You could possibly label it as guilt of privilege or the need to legitimize how good of a citizen they are. Even if their intentions may be good, the results are destructive to black America.

The new liberal savior class has made pet projects out of black America’s plight by promoting causes that do nothing for black people on behalf of black people. They utilize social media to display how “woke” they are but remain asleep to how unbeneficial their superficial advocacy actually is. They gesture to anyone willing to watch how morally correct they are by helping the unfortunate negroes among them by sending a hashtag or by changing their profile picture to a black box because by today’s standards, these actions are the equivalent to marching from Selma to Montgomery.

The new liberal savior class sacrifices nothing of importance while accepting all the adulation that comes with virtue signaling to their fellow liberal. Their view of black America is this vision of unremarkable people who just need saving from themselves. . Black America, from the perspective of the new savior class, is incapable of being capable. The most awake white liberal will be outwardly masochistic about their race’s wrongdoings while simultaneously signaling their superiority by recommending that only they are capable of saving black America from itself. The most awake black liberal is likely of a higher class but will swiftly categorize themselves of equal with those that are actually suffering, all for the sake of receiving the highly coveted victim points.

The new savior class wants to reassure black America that they will do whatever it takes to help, as long as you stay in a position of needing help. The new savior class is not about uplifting others but uplifting themselves for social currency. Understand that all of this alleged saving is superficial nonsense. Black America does not need anyone but themselves. Black people are more than capable of striving for what they need even through seemingly impossible odds. Black history is not the history of victims, it is the history of those that have overcome. True black history displays how we fought to change a system that was legalizing inequality while keeping our community intact and contributing to American society. The black history that we are not told about consists of our contributions to America outside of servitude. The painting of black history as people who were sitting by idly waiting for white people to allow us a voice for grievances is an incorrect portrait.

For example, Garrett Morgan, a black businessman and inventor, patented what would be known as the first gas mask in 1912 which was subsequently used during World War I and helped firefighters of his time period. Who knows how many lives this man saved in America and throughout the world because of his invention? This was a man that did not wallow in victimhood even when the excuses were around him to embrace it. This was a man that was born 12 years after the abolishment of slavery, yet he was able to become something that we could all aspire to become. There is a long list of black people throughout history that overcame incredible odds to contribute to this world, so why do we now need help?

The key word is “need”. Every one of us would like some form of help for any difficulty we experience in life but needing indicates a necessity, which it is not for the vast majority of us. The lie that the new liberal savior class wants black America to believe is that without them, there is no us in terms of success. There is no other racial minority in America that this attitude is directed towards except for the black population.

If you want to know how to spot someone that fits this new savior class, dig deeper into the rhetoric that they speak of. Look at their actionable advocacy because they likely lack in this department. The new savior class wants platitudes and not actual change. Positive change in black America would remove them from the equation, so they will make sure to misdirect where we actually need improvements so that we keep chasing our tails. They will hyper focus on police brutality but will shy away from talking about black intercommunal brutality. They will excuse single parenthood as an empowering trend while our children look helplessly through windows wondering where their other half is. They will advocate for the indiscriminate release of jailed black bodies no matter their history of terrorism within black communities.

These people are not heroes, they are narcissists. Their life mission is to clout chase while hoping they end up on the right side of history. These are the vain people that will march alongside black people for an hour so they can get more “likes” on social media. These are also the same people that will loot a black owned business in a black neighborhood all for so called racial justice, the irony.

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