The ‘Most Compassionate’ are Indifferent to your Death

This pandemic has felt like one large social experiment, pushing people to act in a manner that I naively thought wouldn’t be possible. People I used to believe were reasonable now give unreasonable requests and the slogan of “we’re in this together” has been replaced with “comply or be left out”.

In the past, when our country experienced a tragedy, we would cling onto our nationhood as a social commonality and together we marched forward past such dire straits. For example, post 9/11, Americans came together to heal after the unspeakable had just occurred. We mourned together, and we wanted revenge together. Today, we mourn separately and want revenge against each other.

It’s far easier for a country to come together post-tragedy if we have an outside actor that caused our pain. Osama Bin Laden became that villain that we unanimously disdained and with good reason. We held him almost singularly responsible for the attacks made on our soil and became war crazy because of it. This is not to state that our reaction to invade a foreign nation was the proper response, this is to state that even if our reaction was an overreaction, it was a bi-partisan reaction.

The mainstream media has not allowed us as Americans to identify who is actually responsible for this virus. We aren’t allowed to name the virus based on its origin like the Ebola virus, which is named after the Ebola river in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are discouraged from discussing where it came from because of it allegedly appearing as ‘xenophobic’ but this is only the case because the wrong person gave the virus a moniker.

Because of this, we have been robbed of the possibility for Americans to come together and point the finger at the people who are responsible. COVID’s Osama Bin Laden is the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), but we aren’t allowed to react to the CCP the same way we did with Osama. This is not me advocating for the invasion of China, this is me advocating for the needed bi-partisan disgust for the CCP’s blatant lack of accountability.

You always know who is in power when you are not allowed to criticize them. China, on the world stage, has far more power than the average American realizes. Foreign leaders have to pretend that Taiwan does not exist in order to satisfy their Chinese overlords. The NBA went into full panic mode after China removed everything NBA related after the GM of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, made one tweet in support of the Hong Kong protesters.

Worst of all, the organization that Americans were looking towards for information during a time of confusion at the beginning of the pandemic, the WHO (World Health Organization), never held China fully accountable for attempting to cover up the existence of the virus.

Our tragedy has perpetrators that we pretend were not involved in our demise. The blocking of true responsibility towards to the CCP leaves us no other choice but to find the perpetrator amongst ourselves. The tree of our country is withering away and we are blaming the leaves for its death.

Our neighbors are now the problem and they are the reason why we can’t go back to normal. Our neighbors are the reason why we have to wear these masks on airplanes and why we have to eat outdoors. Our neighbors are the scapegoat to the misery that is executed by our government and they are the distraction from looking at the CCP as the creator.

We have been trained to see Osama Bin Laden in the person that lives next to us, the people that we socialize with and even within the people we loved our entire lives. That feeling of indifference and joy on May 2nd, 2011, the day Osama Bin Laden was killed, is the same feeling that some of us feel when an ‘American Osama’ is sick with COVID and dies as a result.

The people who claim to be the most compassionate among us are actually indifferent as to whether or not you live. If you don’t get vaccinated, then that compassion melts away into wishful thinking towards your death. Their misery with living within this pandemic is subsided by the momentary glee they feel when someone from the opposite political spectrum has been infected or has died. As a reflex, the other side uses the death of someone who is vaccinated as a momentary political jab to prove some greater point, relegating them to be just as indifferent as their opponent.

We have been divided, and we are satisfied when the other side has been conquered. The post 9/11 unity for love of the country is now the division for love of party & ideology.

As we tear down each other, China is building itself up. As we scowl at our neighbors for being the reason we are restricted, our politicians get a pass for their incompetency nor a second look for their corrupt behavior. As we believe the words of millionaire propagandists on our televisions, we disregard the concerns of our neighbors.

We have not taken the time to understand that we are all frustrated with what life has turned into, and this frustration has manifested into hatred of each other. This ongoing tragedy required the CCP to be our unifying villain, but the greater national media and government have blocked our attempts to come together because they have both been corrupted & compromised by the CCP.


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