Coon. Uncle Tom. Nigger. These are all derogatory terms used against black people in America but you might be surprised to hear how common it is for some black people to be called this by their own. If not called these names point blank, you are accused of placating for “white approval”, which is referred to as “cooning.” To the accusers, uttering certain statements and being critical of your own culture or community could never be from a loving place. You don’t actually want change, you just want to make your white daddy happy; this is their horrendous thought process.

I’ve spent a better part of a year researching, thinking and writing about a variety issues surrounding black culture. I’ve spent countless hours looking up random statistics that I didn’t even reference in my book, all to have a greater perspective before publicly giving my assessment. When I speak about certain issues pertaining to black culture, it is not done on a whim, it is not coming from an emotional state and it is not done for some form of social acceptance from white people.

Despite all of this, I know that when I open my mouth or write something down, there will always be a portion of the population that will refuse to give me the benefit of the doubt because I am not uttering words of their approval. The black people that dare to challenge ideas & narratives all understand this reality and while we don’t like it, we just accept it for what it is.

Maybe some of you think I’m being hyperbolic or don’t think this happens very often. I’ll use for example someone who is very outspoken and often asks a variety of questions that are narrative challenging: Barrington Martin II (@_BarringtonII on Twitter). He has a natural curiosity much like me and we even talk privately about our thoughts. No white man is pulling his strings. On the contrary, more often his conversations with other like-minded black people pull even harder on his string of curiosity.

Regardless of his intentions, on a nearly daily basis he gets called a coon. Imagine if your character, your manhood & your care for your own people is being attacked simply because you asked the wrong questions about the wrong topics. It came to the point where he started a Twitter thread of all the racist comments that are directed at him and most of them are from other black people (Link to Twitter Thread):

So let’s get to the hypocrisy: First, we just spent the better part of a year watching the organization “Black Lives Matter” protest nationwide and making the same claims of systemic racism permeating American society like many black liberals have stated. I’ve seen a sea of young white people protesting in the streets with a sprinkling of black faces in towns across America. These white people obviously agree with the black liberal viewpoint of systemic racism yet no one accuses black liberals of saying those things to get white liberal approval. No one says “You’re only claiming there is systemic racism everywhere because your white daddy told you to.”

The idea that if you criticize aspects of black culture or a particular narrative as a black person that it’s for the pleasure of a white person is laughable when there are millions of white people that fall in line with black liberal dogma. There are white people who cannot wait to raise their hand with excitement to highlight their race’s oppression against us. Even with this reality, the prevailing thought still isn’t that black liberals are cooning for white liberal acceptance.

If myself or Barrington get invited to speak in front of white Republicans, then we are just a couple of tap dancing niggers here to entertain our white overlords. However, when Democrats tow around black liberals like Stacey Abrams as if she’s the actual Governor of Georgia, well she’s just a rising star within the Democrat party. When black Democrats stand on stage in front of a white majority audience to make their case for certain needs for the black community, they get a roaring applause and still, no one calls them a coon.

Democrats love claiming that all Republicans are racist and they say the proof of their racism is in their lack of diversity, however when there are black Republicans that speak out, they are simply referred to as coons. These black men and women couldn’t possibly like right-leaning policies, right? I mean, why would a black person be pro-life, want lower taxes, less government programs or stronger borders to prevent illegal immigration? They must have their dancing shoes on with a big grin on their face like they’re being featured in a minstrel show.

Look no further than the response from the 2020 Republican National Convention after Herschel Walker appeared (Source Article – Twitter Calls Former NFL Star Herschel Walker An ‘Uncle Tom’ Following Trump Endorsement):

I watch countless black left-leaning intellectuals speak to white television hosts, appear on white hosted podcasts, work for white majority television networks, and teach at non-HBCUs but they aren’t accused of cooning for white legitimacy. They are given the respect of being heard for their viewpoints. However, when a 91-year-old Thomas Sowell simply sends a tweet with legitimate criticisms, he’s treated with disdain from people that look just like him.

Another hypocrisy is that the same black people that love calling other black people they disagree with coons, they are also the same ones that talk about black unity and saying we should always stick together. It’s become abundantly clear that it is unity by convenience and only with agreement. As long as you agree with the mainstream black narrative, then we can find a way to coexist. However, if you challenge the narrative, we will lynch your character and call you out of your name much like the racists we are always claiming to despise.

The expectation of homogenous thinking is one of the major flaws within our culture and all it does is separate us. The exchange of ideas that challenge what we believe is how we weed out the terrible ideas. When you cast aside opposing viewpoints simply because you’ve attached a racial connotation to ideas, then you are only asking for the status quo in your culture, while many are clamoring for progress. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge and you can’t improve something if you can’t admit that there are flaws. There is no perfect culture and if this was the prevailing thought, the ostracization & character assassination of right-leaning black people wouldn’t happen.

I wrote about this issue in my book “Black Victim To Black Victor” in Chapter 10 “The Miseducation and Misunderstanding of Black Conservatives”:

No black person loses their job, credibility or sponsorships when they attack black conservatives with racially traitorous language. There is also no questioning why they are attacking the validity of their blackness when it is simply a disagreement of approach in politics. The liberal political establishment is perfectly fine with black-on-black political aggression and even at times allowing for white liberals to question the blackness of black conservatives when they publicly ask if they are “truly black”.

Blacks calling other blacks Uncle Toms, Coons, Oreos is nothing new and has been in the black lexicon for decades and it has become absolutely normalized rhetoric in the political realm as well. Culture trickles downward into politics and in this case, black culture has trickled downward into black politics.

So, if I’m a coon for liking right-leaning policies, then you’re a coon for liking left-leaning policies too. I mean for God’s sake, there are billion dollar corporations carrying the BLM flag and they aren’t black owned corporations either. Based on the logic used against someone like myself, it sounds like black liberal’s widespread acceptance by a variety of “white establishments” must mean that they need a new pair of dancing shoes due to being completely worn out. Even the liberal Academy of Motion Picture of Arts changed their award policies for the Oscars by putting in quotas to make sure that black people get recognized more often; that sounds like “white acceptance” to me.

See how this game works? What I stated before is unfair to those that really believe in a left-leaning perspective for politics and social causes. Of course there are white people that agree with both sides of the political spectrum and that means that black people on either side will have agreements with someone who is white at some point.

I can grant you the respect of saying that you’re doing this because you have a functioning brain and you decided this makes the most sense for you as an individual. Now, can we get the same respect?

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