The Clash between Christianity and Woke Ideology

This might sound strange but I dislike having to always reference race. It seems strange since the title of my book is making reference to race (Black Victim To Black Victor) because I recognize that there are people who fully subscribe to race as a social reference, at which, I sometimes have to play the game too to make the points I want to make. Despite the title of my book, I am really discussing & critiquing the subscribed culture surrounding this racial identity.

Another reason I dislike discussing race is because we end up over simplifying people and placing complex individuals into a box of inevitable interests and actions. Unfortunately, there are people who would rather live within such a box than fight for their escape.

The same people that would tell you that race is a social construct never argue against the ridiculousness of this social construct, matter of fact, they argue that it is most pivotal part of our existence. If race is a social construct, then that means socially, we can get rid of this method of labeling individuals as a collective. They don’t advocate for this because race is a beautiful construction for control.

If your objective is to divide people and dictate how they think, race works wonders for such an achievement. The “woke” people who are pushing racial inevitability are attracted to the confusion it creates due to its simplicity. Their ideology is not about social cohesion, it’s about social confusion. If you push back against their agenda, then you’ll stick out like a nail and they will be able to identify who needs to get hammered next.

Woke ideology sets itself up like many other religions where they always create a dichotomy between two opposing forces. In Christianity, we talk about good vs. evil, light vs. dark, God vs. The Devil as a way to illustrate the constant spiritual battle at hand. God grants us free will and we have the choice to live by his word or suffer the consequences in the afterlife. The woke create inevitable oppressors (evil) and oppressed (good) based on the social construct of race and they measure your sins against “whiteness”. The closer you are to the “traits of whiteness”, the more you are sinning.

From what I’ve seen, the majority of the woke believe they are Atheists, but they are really just nondenominational ideological fundamentalists. They may not believe in a singular God like Christians, but they do pray to multiple people depending on the cause. Christians pray to Christ, the woke pray to the victims that prop up their cause. “Say their name” is no different from Christians saying “Praise him”.

Christians believe in sacrificing yourself for someone greater than yourself, God. The woke believe in sacrificing yourself for someone who is inevitably less fortunate while conceding your self-respect in order to adhere to the value system of the ideology’s social and academic elite. If you are white, you are supposed to sacrifice your comforts and successes little by little because the woke view these things as your birthright privileges instead of earned privileges (once again, all being inevitable).

Structurally, the woke ideology operates like a religion which is why it clashes with Christian values and moral principles. The woke claim to want equality but they place each individual on a scale of importance depending on their immutable characteristics, whereas Christianity teaches us we are all brothers and sisters alike. We understand the individual is corruptible and imperfect, which is why we don’t praise each other, we praise a higher being. Because the woke praise man over God, their values consistently change to suit the needs of the powerful among them. Once again, it is not an ideology of moral good but an ideology of moral distraction for personal gain. They believe that their advocacy grants them moral justification to act irrepressible because the ends always justify the means.

The woke have been successful because they’ve been able to monetize the unfortunate results of God’s freewill when some of us suffer. They’ve been able to utilize the simplest and most superficial way to divide people and our defense of ourselves only perpetuates their theology by acknowledging our race as being a factor. By saying “not all x people”, you have fallen into the woke-trap by placing yourself into a racial category and giving it the appearance of importance.

Since America is a Christian majority society, the woke have to hijack anything they can, which is why they hijack words, phrases and even go as far as changing the meanings of such things to suit their agenda. They target everything that is foundational to Christianity, for example, like what a man and a woman is or isn’t. They advocate for the destruction of the nuclear family because they understand the strength of a cohesive family unit and it only hinders their progress for social domination. In order to break us apart, there must be another dichotomy of oppressor vs. oppressed between the parents, which only leaves our children to suffer in the long run. Men and women are far stronger together than we are apart but in order for them restructure our society, they must first tear it down.

By making woke appear as a non-religion it makes it easier to change people piece by piece thinking that it is for a social good instead of social control. You start to self censor your words and thoughts. You alter your perception of reality in order to not offend. You start to question your successes and failures. You begin to entertain the idea that your failures are due to the lack of God’s existence rather than understanding your responsibility in the matter. You begin viewing people not that of Godly family but as foreign foes. In the end, you believe your identity matters more than your character, yet you still believe you’re a Christian?

One word that you’ll never hear brought up with any true reverence is the word “Love”. Christians talk incessantly about their love for God, love for thy neighbor, love for their family and even love for the sinner. Along with love comes forgiveness, and we all deserve to be forgiven because we are not perfect. With wokeness, there is no true love and there for damn sure isn’t any allowance for forgiveness. They simply don’t believe in the concept of indiscriminate love. When you are in the search for social power, your soul will get corrupted, and it leaves no room for love.

These woke extremists want you to separate yourself from your godly brothers and sisters. They want you to see yourself as a person of color instead of a child of God. You can recognize that there is the existence of this social construct called race, but it does not mean your existence is solely predicated on this construct. The division of people is the antithesis of Christianity and if you place yourself on a hierarchy amongst people, it only displays how corrupt your soul has become.

To end on this topic, I will always reference back to a quote from a pastor that I know and respect greatly:

You see, as a Christian who believes the Bible, I am very suspicious of the way we frame the whole discussion of race in the first place. I believe that all of us have come from the same parents and that we are all really one race, the human race. Thus, for example, when I speak to you I didn’t think of you as another race. I think of you as a distant cousin who just looks different from me in some ways. We are both made in the image of God and have ultimately both come from Adam, who, for all I know, looked a lot more like you than me.

– Pastor Keith Throop

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