The Abortion Debate Highlights The Problem Of Denying Biological Sex

Abortion, the practice of terminating a pregnancy has always been a contentious issue in the US. And it has always been an issue that predominantly affects women not men because of course it’s the women’s body that must carry the baby to term. This issue has been one of the most contentious issues for many decades for obvious reasons because it is in fact ending a life.

Despite how you feel about the practice there is no doubt that those who terminate a pregnancy are females. We ALL know this or at least we knew this until now. Unless you’ve been lucky enough to live under a rock or on a deserted island, you’ve likely heard of the bizarre new trend of mostly left-leaning people suddenly not knowing what or who women are. Yet these same people are suddenly up in arms about the need for this unknown group to be able to terminate a pregnancy.

Over the past few years, and accelerating over the past year there has been a growing trend to remove ‘gender based’ language and ignore the differences and biology between males and females. The idea has been to ignore the biology and differences between males and females which includes human reproduction in favor of the nebulous concept of ‘gender identity’.

The thinking is that what makes men and women is not our biological sex, not our bodies, chromosomes, or reproductive capability, it’s instead a feeling, stereotype, or superficial presentation. Let’s think about that for a minute. What makes you a man or woman isn’t your body (which is what makes you a human), it’s how you look or feel, which oddly is very much based on your body.

This notion goes against what most have known for the entirety of human existence. The purpose of biological sex or having penises or vaginas is not to feel good about one’s self, it’s for human reproduction. We have penises or vaginas so human beings can reproduce. This is also true of most mammals which humans happen to be.

Believe it or not, there is a growing number of trans rights activists from the fields of academia to medicine who actually deny the existence of biological sex. To them, it’s a tool of White supremacy that did not occur in many cultures and was implemented by the Europeans. This belief may seem preposterous but is commonly cited by activists.

Because of the existence of so-called intersex people or those with disorders of sex development that somehow means biological sex doesn’t exist for anyone, is a social construct, and more importantly that people can change sex.

We know the purpose of eyes is for sight. But there are many blind people who have eyes and cannot see. I’ve never heard an argument claiming eyes are for sight denies the existence of blind people. I’ve never seen blind people angry that we teach kindergartners eyes are for seeing. Yet somehow believing in biological sex denies the existence of trans people.

Activists have been pushing these beliefs for quite some time. If you are interested in this further read up on queer theory. But over the past couple of years we have seen this push to not only deny biological sex but to effectively erase women both in law and in society by removing all instances of women, mother, and any other sexed terms. Instead dehumanizing terms like ‘bleeder’, ‘bodies with vaginas’, and ‘vulva owners’ should be used.

Even the term ‘mother’ is apparently so offensive it should now be replaced with ‘birthing person’ or ‘parent’. Many women and men have begun to push back against this unpopular agenda. Unfortunately however both the Democratic party and most of the mainstream media has decided to adopt this Orwellian newspeak. Even hospitals have begun to use non-gendered language to the detriment of women’s health. How can women be treated for their specific health needs when we cannot even use the correct words to identify them?

We currently see liberal people desperately tying themselves into knots to try to advocate for abortion after the leaked Supreme Court ruling which is likely going to overturn Roe v Wade and send the issue back to the states. Democrats are trying to advocate for women but not upset the trans community, which is proving difficult.

Given the complexities and emotions surrounding this issue, it may make it harder to persuade people to the pro-choice side and advocate or feel sympathy for ‘bleeders’, ‘menstruators’, or ‘birthing bodies’ but when you appeal to women’s rights issues people generally pay attention.

The problem is of course that when we use the term ‘women’ when referring to abortion we are referring to what most know to be women, biological females. This is what all major cultures have known since the beginning of time. Women are those born with a female reproductive system, those with the large gametes, and produce ova. Men are those with a male reproductive system, those with the small gametes, and those that produce sperm. This is what most of the planet understands.

This definition of women is based on biology and thus excludes men (trans women) from the definition of women. So, the left is faced with a choice to use unpopular, Orwellian, dehumanizing terms to describe women with regard to abortions, risking public support.  Or use the appropriate terms and upset the tiny trans community. The response so far seems to be calculated and political.

Many mainstream politicians who didn’t know the definition of ‘women’ just a couple of weeks ago suddenly recovered from their amnesia. Vice Present Harris, President Biden, and even the Governor of California have all used to term women to describe the people who need abortions. More fringe politicians such as Cori Bush and a WI lawmaker have been slammed for referring to women as ‘birthing bodies’ and ‘pregnant people’.

To refer to women as bodily functions and body parts erases women and disassociates them from their bodies. Historically using dehumanizing language has never worked out well for those unlucky enough to be on the receiving end. Hitler used terms such as ‘vermin’ to dehumanize the Jews and the Hutu used similar terms for the Tutsi during the genocide in Rwanda.

When we separate our fellow humans from their humanity and see them not as human beings but as less than human, we can more easily condone atrocities against them because after all, they aren’t really human.

When we view women not as fully autonomous independent humans to be respected and instead view them as (gross) bodily functions or body parts we work to separate the woman from her humanity opening up the door to violence being justified. Violence particularly to those who do not pledge allegiance to this new ideology.

The trans community has worked hard to mitigate female biology and the role our biology has on our lives. Because trans women (biological men) cannot give birth and do not have female reproductive systems, trans rights activists must downplay the role that biology has on us. They routinely say those of us who believe women are biological females are reducing women to our reproductive capabilities.

This is coming from those who believe being a woman is based on regressive stereotypes and subjective feelings. Arguably one of the most important aspects of being a woman is having female biology and birthing a baby, which 88% of women do. As a woman and mother, myself, I can attest to how important my biology, my ability to procreate, and my role as a mother are to my womanhood.

But if biology and motherhood are included within the definition of women then men cannot identify as women because they obviously do not fit in this definition. And so, when we recognize the issue of abortion as a woman’s rights issue this goes against the trans narrative.

But what is the psychology behind treating and viewing human beings not as fully independent people with dignity and respect but as body parts and bodily functions? How can we treat women with respect when we can’t even name them?

We know that black women die more often in childbirth than white women. How are black women going to fare better if their doctors are instructed to view them not as proud mothers but as only ‘birthing bodies’?  And more importantly why are these strange, inaccurate, and confusing terms even needed?  Why does the universal language used by billions to describe billions need to change because a tiny group of mostly white left-leaning people says so?

Most have sympathy for those with gender dysphoria, but we all live in the real world. No one can change sex (or race of species for that matter). We are born male or female and no matter what aesthetic we use, hormones we take, or surgeries we perform we cannot change sex. So, the issue of abortion will always be a female issue. If my saying this is ‘transphobic’ then what does that say about the trans movement?

I am reminded of the famous Voltaire quote: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” We know those who propose these bizarre terms believe in absurdities, let’s not wait for atrocities.

We can turn back to reality now. We can have rights for the trans community that are not at the cost of women.  Believing in biology is not bigoted.  Despite how you feel about the abortion issue I hope we can ALL agree this is a female issue and we cannot come up with any compromises if we cannot even agree with the most basic and fundamental aspects of it, like WHO abortion recipients are.


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