Russia’s Strong Partnership with China puts Ukraine ‘Human Rights’ Concerns into Question

Since February, war has raged across the nation of Ukraine as the Russian Federation carries out “Military operations.” The justification for these operations? An expressed desire to “De-nazify Ukraine.”

To be clear, it has been documented that there are NeoNazi political parties, militant groups, and elected politicians in Ukraine. Individuals who have expressed their belief that Ukraine is to lead white races against “Semite controlled” peoples. Groups that have carried out executions in separatist Ukraine that have been compared to ISIS executions by human rights organizations. Unfortunately that justification crumbles when Putin stands alongside the Chinese government.

On Russia’s southern border there is a small patch of land less than a hundred kilometers long. This is their border with the notorious Xinjiang province. A region of China that spans 1.6 million kilometers, and boasts a population of over 25 million people.

The majority of that population are the Uyghurs. A Turkic ethnic group over 12 million strong, the overwhelming majority of the community is Islamic. They are recognized as natives to the Xinjiang region.

Since the early 1990s reports have come out on China’s repression of the Islamic religion. On 16 September 1990, the Xinjiang authorities enacted new regulations stipulating that “religious

professionals” in the Xinjiang province have to “support the leadership of the CCP… and oppose national separatism”.

According to the new regulations, religious leaders must be licensed by officially recognized “patriotic religious organizations”; their credentials must be reviewed yearly and may be canceled by local Religious Affairs Departments. The regulations also banned the teaching of religion and the dissemination of religious material outside of officially registered organizations premises.

In 1997, the official newspaper Xinjiang Daily reported: “Those party members who firmly believe in religion and who refuse to change their ways after education should be given a certain time period to make corrections, be persuaded to withdraw from the party or dismissed from the party according to the seriousness of their case. In recent years, 98 religious party members (in the Turpan prefecture) have been dealt with.”

The newspaper further reported: “Party organizations and government organs at all levels have tightened the control of religious affairs, and further improved religion control

committees at township, town and village levels.” (Xinjiang Daily, 9 April 1997)

In April of 2000 a Uyghur refugee living in the nation of Kyrgyzstan was tortured by Chinese security operatives according to sources working with Amnesty International. He was deported back to the Xinjiang province. Uyghur activists later confirmed his execution.

Since then numerous former detainees, as well as former guard’s have recounted their experience in these facilities. Forced contraceptive implants, beatings, rape, and sexual humiliation make up their horrific stories. Women from a faith of modesty being filmed in the showers while being whipped, and beaten. A deliberate attempt to spit on the beliefs of others for no reason other than to force submission from them.

Those are just the accounts of those brave enough to speak out. Activists in America have seen their families abducted for their efforts to stand up to the Chinese government. The D.C.-based organization Campaign For Uyghurs (CFU) was labeled a terrorist organization by Beijing. One of the more vocal members, Rushan Abbas had her sister, Dr. Gulshan Abbas, a retiree, tried in secrecy and sentenced for terrorism in retaliation to her activism.

The Kremlin’s claims of opposing Nazism are nothing more than virtue signaling. Attempting to pull support from individuals who see the bigotry in Ukrainian politics. In reality, if they cared about Nazism, they would turn their attention to the concentration camps housing over a tenth of the total Uyghur population.

Supporters of Beijing point to America’s appalling criminal justice system as justification for the numbers being officially reported by the Chinese government. To be clear the United States does have a flawed criminal justice system in desperate need of an overhaul. But to compare the two seems like utter nonsense.

2.19 million people are imprisoned in the United States. Currently, 38% of that population is black. Roughly 840k black people are in the U.S. prison system right now. The black population in the United States today is 41.1 million people. Less than a fortieth of the population is imprisoned right now.

There are 12.5 million Uyghurs in China. Reports given to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on East Asia claim that between 1-2 million Uyghurs are being held in detention facilities. Activists, and human rights organizations place that number higher. Claiming that 3 million Uyghurs are being held in detention camps, and labor facilities across China, Many without trial.

That would mean that between 10-25% of the Uyghur population is being detained. If we as Americans can recognize that the disproportionate prison population in our nation is fueled by poor criminal justice policy, surely, we can see this for what it is. The genocide of a minority who refuses to bow to the authoritarian government of the land.

Many in the West, who are suspicious of our own government’s actions, have claimed this is a propaganda campaign. Lies created by capitalists to demonize one of the few successful Communist nations on Earth. This writer personally wishes that was the truth. I would love nothing more than for it all to be lies generated by hateful elitists.

On June 4th 2021 Qelbinur Sidik testified before a People’s Tribunal in London. An ethnic Uzbekistani, she is a Turkic Muslim who was living in the Xinjiang province in the capital of the region. During her testimony she recounted being shackled and forced to learn Mandarin, raped, tortured, and exposed to sterilization treatments to rob her of her ability to reproduce.

Dozens of other witnesses followed her. Men, and women alike recounted similar experiences to hers. One woman told the story of being forced to undergo an abortion at six and half months of pregnancy. The response from Beijing was a refusal to participate, as well as a sanctions campaign against the Tribunal, and its jurors.

While the United States is arguing over bodily autonomy in our courts, China is outright robbing people of their bodily autonomy because of their race and religion. There was a time that this happened in the U.S. as well. Before segregation ended, states like Indiana had forced sterilization laws for individuals who fell outside of the desired scope of society.

In Nazi Germany, there were similar methods taken to eradicate those who were deemed inferior. Jews, as well as Afro-Europeans were exposed to all sorts of experimentation. History testifies to the nightmarish sterilization experiments performed in an attempt to wipe away a dissenting people.

Heinrich Himmler, the notorious leader of Hitler’s SS was quoted with this statement. “Among 10 millions of Jews in Europe there are … millions … who are fit enough to work. These should be specially selected and preserved. This can, however, only be done if … they are  rendered incapable to propagate.”

Putin may claim to be standing against Nazism, but the same bigoted hate that fueled detention camps, and sterilization based on ethnicity in the past, fuels China’s treatment of the Uyghurs today. Russia’s greatest ally, the nation it shares most of its border with, are guilty of the same actions they accuse Ukraine of committing. At the end of the day, this conflict has nothing to do with standing up for any people.

This war was never about stopping Nazism. It wasn’t about ending human rights violations. It had nothing to do with standing up for the Semitic people. This is a conflict for control, for land, and for resources. And innocent people are being slaughtered because of it.

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