‘Punching down’ is an extension of White Guilt, and White Inferiority Complex

In a nation where literally everything lays at the feet of ‘white supremacy’, a new trend has emerged that is absolutely disgusting. The term “punching down” has recently blown up in relation to the Dave Chappelle special “The closer.” Since then it has appeared in article after article attacking the comedian for his comments about the trans community.

The Urban dictionary defines the phrase ‘punching down‘ as someone of a higher rank, authority, or status engaging in a debate, or argument with someone of lesser status, rank, or authority.

In 2016, BuzzFeed published an article discussing the topic of punching down long before the term exploded into pop culture, thanks to Dave Chappelle. Titled “Why punching down will never be funny” it explains that comedy isn’t funny if it isn’t punching up at those above you. It explicitly brought up how white men shouldn’t be doing it at all.

But it is further down the article where the core issue appears. To quote directly from the article. “What both of these segments prove is that there’s nothing funny to be wrung from punching below your weight. Trans people, people of color, immigrants, ESL immigrants — whoever might be considered a minority — are the worst targets, because comedy inherently requires a shift of power.”

The author, who mind you is a person of colour, directly states that we are below white people’s weight class. That all those groups are somehow less than white people are. As though we are thinned skinned and unable to take a joke like white people can. That we don’t have power.

Alongside those who cling to this ignorant notion that we are inferior to white people, are those who feel guilty for thinking so themselves. For the past five years, we have seen it consistently. Statements like “P.O.C. can’t get IDs because we lack [insert common ability that every American has here]”

“The soft bigotry of low expectations.” In 2000 U.S. President George W Bush coined this term in a speech addressed to the NAACP. It addressed the idea that expecting less of a group because of their skin colour would encourage complacency in said group. The left leaning newspaper The Atlantic felt similarly in 2017 when they wrote about whiteness in mathematics.

Yet here in 2021, it is commonplace for people to have lowered expectations for P.O.C. in this nation. George McKelvey, the vice chair of the Oregon Democrat black caucus, tweeted November 15th, 2021. “Employers, consider giving your Black employees a day or two off after the Rittenhouse verdict. Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be hard for Black people to work and it isn’t fair to expect them to.”

They literally think the televised trial of a white man who shot other white people is too much. That people of certain ethnic groups just can’t handle and cope with their own emotions in light of what is on television. How can anyone see that as anything short of degrading?

Cenk Uyghur, the founder of The Young Turks, tweeted out “All the fake tough guys of media like @billmaher & @joerogan pretend that it’s so brave to hit the least powerful people in the country – trans community, Muslims and now expanded to almost all minorities. That takes no courage at all. Try punching up like you used to, cowards.” He quite literally is saying we don’t have power, and are beneath the white people in this country.

That is nothing short of a white inferiority complex. These people think that themselves, and all of us who share characteristics with them, are beneath the white people in this country. They think we are too frail, and too weak to take a joke, but that the white men are strong enough to withstand mockery from those beneath them.

Even worse still is the way some of these individuals will attack the race of others for expressing viewpoints they deem racially uncharacteristic. In today’s age there are numerous gleaming examples of this ranging from Kyrie Irving who has been vilified by black media pundits for his choice to refuse the vaccine, to Barrington Martin, the former congressional candidate who challenged long time political giant the late John Lewis.

Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers in history, had his intelligence ridiculed across a dozen separate platforms for endorsing President Trump. Meanwhile, Tom Brady’s potential support of Trump had the media declaring he KNEW what he was supporting. A narrative that is all too common in today’s pop culture.

If white people deviate from Left leaning politics, it is intentional and done with hatred. Yet when anyone else moves against the current political left they are ridiculed as uneducated, ignorant, grifters, etc. It harkens back to Biden’s infamous “You ain’t black” statement on the breakfast club.

Today, the white liberal believes they own us, because they view us as inferior to them. Any voice that echoes such sentiments will be amplified by those suffering from white guilt. In turn, those who preach a contrasting narrative will be met with vitriol as the white liberal are faced with the fact that minorities are every bit as capable, and every bit as powerful as they are.

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