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Wrong Speak is Orwellian sounding by design. Many of us feel as if our voices are being suppressed because our viewpoints vary slightly from the mainstream narrative. Wrong Speak Publishing is an outlet for these people to feel uninhibited with how they express themselves.

Wrong Speak Publishing includes book releases featured on major book platforms (Available in e-book and physical form) and a blogging platform. If you are interested in joining our efforts, please contact us.

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We are focused on composing intellectual, critical and personable writings that should inspire thoughts and conversations. We do not condone hatred, but we are not afraid to dive deeper into topics that are deemed as taboo.

The Bi-Partisanship Of War & Contractor Money

February 14th 2022, 45-year-old Haji Amanullah, was abducted from his front doorstep by a group of heavily armed men. Since this incident, the Taliban commander’s body has yet to be

Identity & Pride; Will It Get Better?

You’re young, full of potential but there are numerous blockades put in front of you simply because of your ancestral populations’ relative excess of melanin. That scarlet letter you can’t

The Problem with Jon Stewart

Collage by On March 28th, Jon Stewart, host of “The Problem’’, invited three guests to give a commentary on the current status of race relations in America. The guests were

Why Asking to Define a ‘Woman’ was Important?

Source Image A little more than a week ago, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, nominee for the 116th Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, faced over twenty-three hours of strenuous questions from the

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