Our Mission

Wrong Speak is Orwellian sounding by design. We are living in a global society that feels that their speech is being trampled on by large tech companies or silenced by people that refuse to hear what their neighbors have to say.

There is an effort to silence people because there are conversations to be had that are uncomfortable but necessary. We do not condone hatred but we do condone honesty and personal perspective.

Our Mission is to provide a place for common people who want to feel free to express themselves in an intellectual, critical and personable fashion. We promote a free speech environment and, in some cases, the ability to be anonymous so they are not attacked for giving countering popular narratives.

We all want to feel free to criticize and express an opinion in a respectful manner and that is what we are attempting to promote here. We don’t want to live in a world where our children are afraid to speak up for themselves, so we are doing our part to promote discussion and counter narratives. Our contributors are from all over the world and have varying viewpoints that we could all learn from.

In Dedication to a great American patriot and one of the many brave men to serve in the American military during the Korean War. His influence for me to speak up for the younger generation has inspired this website. Thank you Darold Bannister.

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