Adults need to wake up to what is happening around them. We are so distracted with our everyday task, the national political news and other distracting nonsense that we are not focused on what is happening in the world with the state of our children.

This is not paranoia, this is not conspiracy and dismissing what is going on will continue to keep the abuse and trauma of our children pushed further underground. We are not paying attention to what is going on today, not just in America, but around the world.

First, let’s stop pretending that pedophilia isn’t real or that there aren’t adults that target teenage boys and girls for sexual pleasure. This world exists and it’s not just the guy next door abusing the neighbor’s child. There have been children that have escaped human trafficking rings, networks of kidnappers, rapists and financiers that profit off of our children’s degradation. So before continuing to read, remove that rosy film from your eyes and wake up to the reality that there are horrible people in this world and they are financing child abuse.

I’m going to highlight some stories that you may have never heard about. They are shocking, they are recent and when you put them all together, you will start to see that something nefarious is going on around us.

Put politics aside, President Donald Trump has been at the forefront of going after Human Trafficking, especially child sex trafficking. On January 31st, 2020, Donald Trump signed an executive order to combat human trafficking and online child exploitation. Since then here have been some publicized enforcement:

August 28th, 2020, nearly 40 missing children were rescued from a sex trafficking ring by U.S. Marshalls

September 4th, 2020, U.S. Marshalls rescued 8 missing children from the Indianapolis area with “Operation Homecoming” – Article

September 3rd, 2020, The Charlotte Observer reported about a North Carolina detective that infiltrated an online porn chat group that exchanged and created child pornography. His efforts led to the rescue of 8 children across the United States. Here is one of the excerpts from the article: “One of the accused offenders was a man in Ohio who had reportedly been sexually abusing his 14-year-old daughter for 10 years, according to the news release.”

August 31st, 2020, U.S. Marshalls rescued 25 missing children in Northeast Ohio with “Operation Safety Net”. These are children between the ages of 13 and 17. This lead to the arrest of 27 men in the Northeast Ohio area as well. – Article

I could keep going and that is the disturbing part. Our children are under attack and we are doing little about it. Far too many of us are pretending that strange things aren’t happening around us. It used to be that these actions were more covert but they are becoming more overt and there is a push for the acceptability of sexual relationships between children and adults.

Twitter is the foremost place to really see glaringly the world of people who are becoming more overt with relationships between children and adults. They consider themselves MAPs (Minor Attracted Person). The label of MAP is to form a label of potential acceptability. They are slowly trying to move themselves into the growing world of LGBT, and once this is complete, they want people like me and you to accept them for not being able to help being attracted to children. It’s becoming popularized to the point that even the minors think this is some new trend of sexual acceptability.

If you think I’m joking, read these actual tweets (hiding their names/usernames):

That last post says everything. You see, they want you to accept child and adult relationships as NORMAL. They are trying to have support for each other because they can’t help but to be attracted to children. They clearly call themselves Liberals and for you actual Liberals out there, you need to be very aware that they are trying to shape your political beliefs because your openness of sexuality will be attempted to be used against you.

Fine, you don’t believe me yet. Maybe I am overreacting. Well let’s take a look at what just passed in the state of California, SB 145. SB 145 was introduced as an LGBT+ equality bill by the openly gay Senator Wiener. In the state of California, if there is a case of statutory rape that involves vaginal penetration, the judge is able to decide if they will label you as a sex offender or not. However, if there is anal or oral penetration, you are automatically placed on the Sex Offenders registration.

Senator Wiener’s argument is that it is not equality in punishment for gays that commit statutory rape. SB 145 not only placed the discretion of Sex Offender registration on the judge but it also stated that it covers the age difference of 10 years. So for example, a gay male child that is 14 years old and they are having a sexual relationship with a gay male perpetrator that is 24 years old, if a judge is sympathetic to their relationship, they can decline placing that 24 year old on the sex offenders registration.

Why is this is even a concern? Why are the people we place in charge working to find equality for sex offenders? Why is there more importance of equality for sexual deviancy versus protecting minors from sexual impropriety? This has nothing to do with being anti-gay, this is about asking the relevant question as to why this is happening. I can’t help but to say that this is the slow move to accepting minor sexual relationships in American society.

We are not the only western nation to be experiencing this cultural and sexual revolution. You may not be aware but France is lowering their age of consent to 15 years old and they initially wanted to go lower. In Germany, it was exposed that for 30 years a Berlin professor used homeless children as a psychological experiment by placing them in the homes of pedophiles to allegedly prove that sexual contact between Adults and Children was harmless, allowing child abuse for decades (Article).

Our law enforcement is at the forefront of the child sex trafficking, as shown by the child rescue by the U.S. Marshalls but also by ICE agents. Yes, ICE. Understand this, the people who are screaming to dismantle ICE are by proxy allowing for the trafficking of women and children across our borders. The weaker ICE is, the more people will be victimized.

From ICE’s website: “The goal: To identify, investigate, and arrest child predators who possess, trade, or produce child sexual abuse material; travel overseas for sex with minors; and engage in the sex trafficking of children.”

Our southern border is at war with not only drug trafficking but also human trafficking. The Mexican Cartels are even moving away from drugs and more into human trafficking with reports of kidnapping women and children from smaller villages. In an article from Newsweek titled “Some Mexican Cartels Have Begun Human Trafficking as Drug Operations Are Disrupted” they state “It is estimated that gangs are generating more than $150 billion per year from human trafficking in Mexico, which is regarded as the third largest illegal enterprise in that country, following smuggling drugs and guns.”

This is a big dollar business and when there is demand, there will be a supply from someone. The fight to control our southern border is not about racism and it’s not about inhumanity. The fight to control our southern border is about humanity. It’s to make sure that not only our children aren’t being abused but we aren’t trafficking in children to be abused within our country. I don’t care what side of the isle you’re on, both Democrats and Republicans should care about the safety of our children and the safety of children around the world.

We only get one childhood to experience and the more we take a blind eye to what is going on around us, the more the abuse will happen. The more we advocate for the destruction of institutions of law enforcement that directly save children or prevent their abuse, the more abuse will occur. Waking up to the reality is the first step to saving our children, you decide what to do afterwards.

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