Modern Liberalism is Ideological Selfishness

The past couple of years, for myself, have been a time of true political and personal awareness. The older I become, the more I am critical about the world around me and even my personal beliefs. I hold the perspective that I don’t know everything and that life is about perception, so I want to understand why other people come to certain conclusions because this will help me shape a more realistic worldview versus being stubborn to one ideological platform like I had previously.

Admittingly, when I was a liberal, I was never critical about liberalism. I was what you would call a “Default Liberal” that was going along with the popular narrative. When I finally took a step back and re-examined liberalism, I noticed a pattern of selfishness that would grow more obvious the further left you went on the political spectrum. For months, I would listen to Progressive pundits talk about their utopian and simplistic ideas but I would always notice how their policies benefit them and take from everyone else. These people decry wanting to help everybody but they held a general distain for the average American due to their elitism. They hold the grandeur belief that they are saving people from themselves or anyone that would dare to think differently than liberal norms are wanting things that are against their own interest; this is the selfish elitist mantra.

The definition of selfish is defined as “concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others”. There is nothing wrong with being concerned with your own welfare because no one will care more about you than yourself however the most important part of the definition resides in the words “regardless of others”.

You can go down the list of mainstream liberal and progressive policies and they do nothing but take from everyone else by means of government intervention so they can benefit from this thievery by taxation. Government has its role and we obviously need taxes to support basic necessities but we’ve passed the point of wanting our basic needs taken care of by advocating for widespread welfare.

While our healthcare system needs improvement, it is far from being terrible. Our level of care here in America is among the best in the world, however it is the cost of the care that is questionable. Instead of addressing how we can improve medical costs, liberals are now advocating for socialized medicine with the intention of passing their medical expenses to everyone else; this is selfish.

Never mind the fact that this would destroy the insurance industry resulting in unemployment for millions of people. We’re supposed to overlook how this would disincentivize potential doctors and other medical professionals from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition causing a major shortage. We are supposed to pretend that we wouldn’t be taking more money from the average American to put into the hands of corrupt politicians to keep the inefficient government wheel spinning. None of these plausible after effects matter because a selfish person doesn’t care about how their actions affect you.

The same liberals that complain about medical lobbyists in Washington D.C. can’t understand that they are there because the government is able to be bought. It is more profitable to spend millions lobby politicians to change regulations and enact favorable laws than it is to cater to the general public. They can see corruption in the private sector but are conveniently blind to the corruption in the public sector.

The selifishness continues with the liberal agenda of student loan forgiveness. No one forced millions of students across the country to go to college but they now feel the need to force everyone else to pay for their decisions and admittingly for some of them, paying for their mistakes. Instead of questioning the cost-to-benefit of attending college or why the government is subsidizing these institutions. They don’t even bother to ask why student loans don’t face the same risk of bankruptcy as any other loan and how it is creating a market of guaranteed money that enriches bankers and college administrators. Why else would they loan a person with no tangible income tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars? It’s because there is no risk on their part and they can gouge you indiscriminately.

These questions don’t matter because the psyche of a selfish person is getting what they want, even at everyone else’s expense. What about the millions of people that previously worked hard for years to pay back their student loans? They don’t matter because fairness for the modern liberal only goes as far as their front door.

The ultimate selfish behavior comes in the form of abortion. Liberals have somehow shaped the death of a baby as medical care for the mother but this is like confusing light with darkness. It is an ideological concept that gaslights Americans by saying that murder is not death but care. They have selfishly become so female centric that they are perfectly fine with death due to inconvenience. The vast majority of women go through this process because it is simply inconvenient but there is no other part of our society that we would not accept killing for the same motives. Not everything legal is moral, look at slavery for example, but modern liberal morality is dependent on their personal benefit at the cost of everyone else, even the cost of someone else’s life.

I can be critical of all of the above because I was once ideologically selfish and I can admit this today. The liberals I am criticizing today, I was yesterday. Conservatism has set me free of illiberal behavior masked by supposed liberalism. Conservatism is the polar opposite of the behavior that we promote on a daily basis thinking that our selfishness is righteousness. Conservatism empowers the individual to decide their life outcome without forcing others to comply with their personal decisions. Government has its place in our society but utilizing an unforgiving central body for your own personal benefit is by definition selfish.


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