Millennials are becoming the ‘School Choice’ Generation

It is no surprise that Millennials (Generation Y) view family life differently than previous generations. With the average first-time mother age increasing, this brings to the forefront of Millennials caring about children.

However, Millennials should still care about children; thus, should still care about School Choice.

School Choice is a bipartisan initiative where the money that is allocated for each child in a state follows the child with their education, even if it’s not attached to their residential area. There are multiple concepts, such as vouchers and education savings accounts.

School Choice is also strongly favored by minorities. The California Policy Center conducted a survey where 54% of voters favored Education Savings Accounts (54%) with 71% African-Americans and 66% Hispanics supporting it.

Ultimately, it empowers parents to choose education outside of the assigned public school in their zip code. This also opens up the conversation to alternative methods of education where it benefits the child and their path to success, such as private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling.

Even if you don’t have children yourself, you should still care about the future generations. Someday, these children, even if they are not your own, will be the next teachers, the next elected officials, and the next innovators. It’s the purest form of altruism, considering the needs of our future leaders and citizens.

In a survey done in 2017, Millennials had the strongest support for School Choice, polling at 75%.

61% of Millennials are in favor of school vouchers, compared to a national average of 56%; 63% of Millennials said they favor charter schools, compared to 59% among all age groups; and 57% of Millennials said they favor education savings accounts, compared to 49% overall. 58% of Millennials said U.S. education is on the wrong track, while 62% of the overall population agreed.

All in all, Millennials start families later in life than previous generations, but they advocate for all forms of School Choice: school vouchers, charter schools, and education savings accounts.

One notable Millennial politician who doesn’t have children himself but cares greatly about School Choice is Republican Assemblyman, Kevin Kiley. As a former high school 10th grade English teacher who taught in inner-city Los Angeles, he offers first-hand experience on how vital education opportunities are.

Kiley authored a bill easing school choice for homeless youth, foster children, and children who have been bullied. He also sponsored legislation to recognize School Choice Week in California.

Most significantly, Kiley also endorses the California School Choice Foundation’s constitutional amendment to the California Constitution for the 2022 Ballot.

Our future is predicated on the fragile contingency of our school system: public, private, charter, homeschool.

Children, who are shaped by our education system: public, private, charter, homeschool, are the future.

School Choice is the Civil Rights Movement of the 21st century.

2022 is the chance to make it happen and an area of opportunity for Millennials to play a big role in it.

The California School Choice Foundation is advocating for the qualification of a voter initiative with a working title of “The Education Freedom Act” for the November 2022 election.

Sign up to volunteer to add a constitutional amendment to the California Constitution for the 2022 Ballot.


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