Matt Walsh is a Feminist, and He Doesn’t Even Know It!

I have no idea what initially drew me to the Matt Walsh show, but I know what made me stay: His dry sense of humor, his stories about his wife and kids, his unapologetic Catholic faith, and finally, his constant advocacy for Women’s Rights. All of these things have made me a member of the Sweet Baby Gang for Life!

But despite his claims that feminism is an atheistic cult that murders babies, (paraphrasing) arguably one of the most important and famous founders, Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were both feminists and Pro-Life!

So many of the things that Matt Walsh believes about Women’s equality, pornography, and abortion have been echoed by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton.

A Brief Introduction to Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton

Let’s start with the obvious-That all feminist leaders, originally, were anti-abortion, did not hate men, and did not hate God. The most famous of these was Susan B Anthony and, to a lesser extent, Elizabeth Stanton. Although Susan B Anthony never married, she praised sexuality as “the highest and holiest function of the physical organism.”

Susan helped raise Elizabeth Stanton’s seven children, and would watch her children while Elizabeth wrote for their co-authored feminist newspaper The Revolution. Susan adored those children, stating “a child one loves is a constant benediction to the soul.”

Additionally, Elizabeth would write speeches for Susan, but rarely left the house due to the devotion she had to her children, and used Susan as her “voice”.

Susan fought for mother’s rights in the nineteenth century. During the nineteenth century, if a father died before the birth of his child, the child could be taken away from the mother and given to a previously appointed guardian.

Susan was fundamental in changing the law in order to keep the family, already traumatized by the death of the father, together. She stated “Sweeter even than to have had the joy of caring for children of my own has it been to me to help bring about a better state of things for mothers generally, so that their unborn little ones could not be willed away from them.”

Although many feminists claim that there is no evidence for Susan B Anthony’s pro-life stance, she certainly put her money where her mouth was (or wasn’t). In Elizabeth and Susan’s newspaper The Revolution, Susan (who financed it) refused to advertise abortifacient medication, which resulted in their newspaper eventually being bankrupted. Additionally, the newspaper termed abortion as “child murder” and “infanticide”.

Finally, Susan did not hate men, stating “You would better educate ten women into the practice of liberal [democratic] principles than to organize a thousand on a platform of intolerance and bigotry”

There is no evidence that Elizabeth Stanton hated men either, given that she was married with seven children.

Although Elizabeth Stanton was not religious, Susan B Anthony was a god fearing woman, stating, “I pray every single moment of my life; not on my knees but with my work. My prayer is to lift women to equality with men. Work and worship are one with me.”

Susan and Elizabeth fought hard for women’s rights to education, to vote, and to work outside the home.

Matt Walsh’s Opinion of Equality of Women – Statements from “The Matt Walsh Show”

On the Matt Walsh Blog, Matt Walsh states one of his most controversial opinions. In a blog post titled “I will not allow my daughter to be a victim of gender equality” Matt Walsh states the following:

Our culture is very dedicated to the false notion of “gender equality.” We’ve been working for many years to achieve an androgynous utopia where women are treated as men and men as women, and where there is no distinguishable difference between the sexes.”

I believe Matt Walsh’s quote perfectly exemplifies how the word “Equal”, in the way that feminists meant it, has been so distorted that even modern feminists have it confused. But if we look at the way that Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton meant the word “equal” it paints a very different picture.

When regarding joint assets of marital property in the speech “Social Purity”, Susan states:

Marriage never will cease to be a wholly unequal partnership until the law recognizes the equal ownership in the joint earnings and possessions.” She further advocates for women to be able to work outside the home, stating “To [earn an honest living], girls, like boys, must be educated to some lucrative employment; women, like men, must have equal chances to earn a living.

Furthermore, one of Susan B Anthony’s most famous quotes is the following:


Elizabeth Cady Stanton hammers this point in her Seneca Falls Keynote Address. To her the issue was not equality in terms of roles and responsibilities, but equal in value and in rights, stating “We do not propose to petition the legislature to make our husbands just, generous and courteous, to seat every man at the head of a cradle and to clothe every woman in male attire. Additionally, one of her most famous quotes states:

Source: AZ Quotes

How can men and women be complementary if they are exactly the same?

Once again Elizabeth confirms that women and men are equal in terms of their rights and their personhood, and women should have the ability to choose which path they would like to pursue, whether it be career or wife and motherhood (or both).

Matt Walsh certainly believes this concept, when during his show “More advice for the Reddit Crowd (3/18/21)” he had a response to a young man asking for dating advice, due to his anxiety because she would not answer his text messages immediately:

“This girl doesn’t exist to simply respond to [your text messages]…You want a human being, then let them live a life from your constant surveillance.”

Susan B. Anthony concurs with his sentiment in one of her more famous quotes:


The founders of feminism did not mean “equality of outcome” and they did not mean that men and women should have exactly the same roles and responsibilities in society. The point of Stanton and Anthony’s movement was to allow women to choose to be independent if they wish to, to give them the ability to work for a livable wage in case they had to (or chose to).

Matt reflects this sentiment again regarding raising children on the Matt Walsh Blog titled “Motherhood isn’t tougher than fatherhood, but maybe we should all stop competing” which he writes:

“It’s got nothing to do with who vacuums the carpet or who makes dinner, it has everything to do with the unique ways in which a woman and a man can demonstrate virtue [in raising children], and in demonstrating it, instill it.”

It is clear that although Matt Walsh claims to not believe in the equality of women to men, his other statements say otherwise. Indeed, if Matt Walsh was asked if he believed his wife had equal rights to their property, their money, and their children, I highly doubt he would say no, because he regards women as Human Beings, and his wife as an equal partner in their marriage.

Matt Walsh’s Opinion of Pornography

In the beginning of episode 783 he discussed his thoughts on the website “Only Fans” banning pornographic material, only to subsequently back track on its stance after public outcry. He states the following:

“But the loudest voices speaking out against the policy change were the legions of prostitutes who depend on ‘Only Fans’ to facilitate their self-debasement and self objectification in exchange for money.”

Susan B Anthony worked hard in her attempt to rid the world of prostitution. In her speech “Social Purity” she spoke the following:

“The statistics of prostitution show that a great proportion of those women who have fallen into it have been impelled by the most extreme poverty, in many instances verging on starvation.” She further states that given these conditions of extreme starvation and poverty, “…can we wonder that so many poor girls fall, that so many accept material ease and comfort at the expense of spiritual purity and peace?” She then fights for women to work outside the home, in reasonable professions.

“If the plea that poverty is the cause of woman’s prostitution be not true, perfect equality of chances to earn honest bread will demonstrate the falsehood by removing that pretext and placing her on the same plane with man.

She further states that if after being given the opportunity to earn an honest living, a woman is still engaged in prostitution;

“Then, if she is found in the ranks of vice and crime, she will be there for the same reason that man is and, from object of pity, she, like him, will become a fit subject of contempt. From being the party sinned against, she will be become an equal sinner, if not the greater of the two.”

Indeed, Elizabeth Cady Stanton went further, and included not just prostitution in her assessment, but any time that a woman dresses immodestly, stating as such in her speech “Our Girls”:

“I have often wondered in fashionable parties and ball rooms if American girls with bare arms and necks had ever philosophized on the custom that required them to appear there half naked, while their brothers were modestly clothed to the very chin. This making an auction block of every drawing room, for the exhibition of our daughters’ charms, and thus unduly stimulating the sensuous in our sons, is demoralizing to the virtue of the nation, dragging woman and man too down to death.”

I believe Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton would be horrified by “Sex work is Work”, that she worked so hard for women to receive Education, and ability to work outside the home, only to have women debase and objectify themselves through pornography and prostitution, in the name of “feminism”!

Matt Walsh’s Opinion of Abortion

In episode 809 of the Matt Walsh show, he talks about the U.S. House oversight committees’ reaction to the Texas Abortion Ban. The house oversight committee had an abortionist testify, who stated the following:

“I know firsthand that abortion saves lives, for the thousands of people I’ve cared for. Abortion is a blessing, abortion is freedom.”

Matt Walsh responds with the following profound statement:

“As for the freedom, that’s illusory at best. A woman can kill her child to be free of the responsibilities of parenthood, but she’ll never really be free…she will have substituted the strain of those responsibilities with the crushing burden of guilt, heartbreak, and grief for the rest of her life…It’s not freedom, it is rather trading one burden for another.”

Looking to Susan B. Anthony’s speech “Social Purity” , she lists prostitution as well as abortion alongside infanticide and other murders as the negative consequences of the “evils” of men.

“The Prosecutions in our courts for breach of promise, divorce, adultery, bigamy, seduction, rape; the newspaper reports every day of every year of scandals and outrages, of wife murders and paramour shooting, of abortions and infanticides, are perpetual reminders of men’s incapacity to cope successfully with this monster [alcoholism] evil of society.”

She further drives home the point of the sorrow of women who give up their children, and that these things-abortion, infanticide, prostitution-are an attack on womanhood itself:

In 1869 the Catholics established a Foundling Hospital in New York City. At the close of the first six months Sister Irene reported thirteen hundred little waifs laid in the basket at her door. That meant thirteen hundred of the daughters of New York, with trembling hands and breaking hearts, trying to bury their sorrow and their shame from the world’s cruel gaze. That meant thirteen hundred mothers’ hopes blighted and blasted. Thirteen hundred Rachels weeping for their children because they were not! Nor is it womanhood alone that is thus fearfully sacrificed. For every betrayed woman, there is always the betrayer, man.

Indeed, even Matt Walsh recognizes the role that men play in abortion. In an opinion piece titled “Why Sexist Deadbeat Men Love Abortion” he states:

“This is what Feminists miss. They claim that the pro-life movement is run by sexist men, but the exact opposite is the case. Selfish, sexist, deadbeat, loser men love abortion. The last place a man of this sort will ever find himself is a pro-life rally. Abortion is, for him, a wonderful gift because it enables him to use women for sexual pleasure without long term consequence. Abortion is the greatest thing that ever happened to men who wish to use, exploit, abuse, and manipulate women.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton concurs with both, stating in one of her more famous quotes:


Indeed, it seems the modern feminist movement has forgotten its roots, and it’s true feminism on this issue.

Matt Walsh’s Appearance on “The Dr. Phil Show”

So given this background, a lot of his ideas sound quite…well…feminist! This became especially clear to me during the Dr. Phil Episode “The Gender Pronoun Debate”, where Matt Walsh appeared. Let’s take a look at some highlights from Matt Walsh:

This is one of the bedrocks of feminism. Playing with a dollhouse doesn’t make you a girl, anymore than myself enjoying power tools makes me a boy. This is confirmed as Elizabeth Stanton states in “Our Girls”:

“I do not wish to undervalue domestic avocations, but the tastes of women vary as much as the tastes of men, and to educate all women for teachers and seamstresses, cooks, nurses and chambermaids, is to make the supply in the home sphere greater than the demand, permanently to keep down wages and degrade all these branches of labor.”


This is exactly what women are being asked to do. It isn’t enough to simply allow it. We are to applaud it, even as men break records on our sports teams and take our spots in the Olympics.

We cannot even question the fairness to the biological women of these actions, only the fairness of trans-women is considered, lest we are labeled a ‘bigot’.

Although it was virtually unheard of during the time period of Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton to be transgender, Elizabeth Stanton does address the idea of cross dressing, stating in her Seneca Falls Address, “As to their costume, the gentlemen need feel no fear of our imitating that, for we think it in violation of every principle of taste, beauty, and dignity; notwithstanding all the contempt cast upon our loose, flowing garments, we still admire the graceful folds, and consider our costume far more artistic than theirs.”

Early feminists didn’t believe in cross-dressing, much less changing one’s gender (or not subscribing to ANY gender)!

Which brings me to my final quote, which inspired me to write this article in the first place:

Source: Daily Wire

Although many people (including Matt Walsh) associate feminism with the Pro-Abortion Movement, and “A woman needs a man likes a fish needs a bicycle” it didn’t start off that way. It started with a simple idea: Women being seen (and treated) as human beings equal (but not the same) as men.

But no matter how you identify your political leanings, Women’s Rights are the fundamental bedrock of Feminism. Which is why Matt Walsh is a feminist after all!

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