After listening to minorities that are upset about racism, learning about Critical Theory and their definitions of systemic racism and whiteness (which is novel compared to the standard definitions people are used to), as well as following very intelligent psychologists, economists, political scientists, linguists and the like, I’ve come to this conclusion: White privilege is simply majority privilege; it’s real.

Systemic racism and white supremacy really just mean that we live in a white dominant society, as in white majority culture. There’s really no way to change this. It’s like railing about the patriarchy. We have a patriarchy simply because men are physically stronger than women and can physically dominate women, so any rights or privileges given to women is simply out of the goodness of men’s hearts and there’s nothing we can do to change the fact that men are physically stronger than women.

We can’t change the fact that about 60% of our population is white (non-hispanic) and only 13% is black; what can we do about that? It’s just a fact. This makes black people more likely to be subject to racism than white people due the statistics and mathematics. Racism is thinking you are superior to another race and demonstrating that by your behavior.

Anybody can be racist against any race, but as a white person we only have to deal with about 40% of the population that could be racist against us. I believe that percentage of racist people out there is very miniscule, however of the small percentage of racists out there, black people have to deal with about 87% of the people who could be racist against them. This is just an issue with statistical probability.

Like you can’t make one plus one equal four, you’re not going to change that statistical probability. This fact is not fair, just like I can’t change, nor is it fair that there are some men who take advantage of their significant physical strength and can harm me as a woman. Complaining about racism when you’re in a minority group is kind of like complaining about gravity when you don’t have wings.

You may protest, but mean and nefarious people will always exist. There are more of these people who use racism as a means to their evil tendencies stacked against you as a black person than a white person in America. The reverse would be true in a non white dominant society.

We won’t eradicate these people from the face of the Earth just like we won’t eradicate men who like to physically dominate women. We can simply not tolerate it. And I believe we are already there as nobody tolerates racism, especially against black people. I remember growing up with that value system; you just did not go there.

Asians are an even smaller % than blacks and you don’t hear them ranting about anti-Asian racism nearly as much. However, they are such a small population that maybe their complaints aren’t heard, but there is a call to ‘Cancel’ Gran Torino because Clint Eastwood’s Vietnam Vet character used an Asian slur.

One possible explanation for why Asians don’t get a ‘voice’ as much as blacks is because they are actually more successful and affluent than whites and that doesn’t help the secret class war or anti-racism’s cause. Actually, Asians “white” better than white people! They are more stoic, which is what the anti-racists are really attacking, the stoic white culture, which they call ‘white supremacist’ and systemic racism.

This is not a race war but a culture war, disguised as Anti-Racism.

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