Let Them Uber Eats Cake

The postmodern Woke Agenda – everything from anti-racism to climate change to gender equality – masquerades as social justice, but in fact is the battleplan for a pernicious class war waged by professional elites in academia, corporate media, the techno-media cartel, corporate America, and the government against middle and lower-class people of all colors on behalf of an insatiable oligarchy.

Born in the once-hallowed halls of academia (the Wuhan Lab of lethal ideas), the origins of the Woke Agenda can be traced back to the 1970s, in the immediate aftermath of the liberation movements – civil rights, free speech, feminism, anti-war, and Earth First – that galvanized millions of young people in the 1960s. By the late 1970s, however, many of the young campus radicals who had populated and championed the 60s liberation movements had gone on to become tenured professors and first-line defenders of the same academic institutions they had once wanted to burn down.

Over the ensuing decades, academia – and the young minds entrusted to it – began the steady transition from liberal to illiberal, from educators to indoctrinators. As a result, today’s youth movements are dedicated to ideological fidelity, not civil liberties. As such, they have much more in common with the puritanical Red Guard youth movement of Communist China in the 1960s than with the Enlightenment ideals of classic Jeffersonian liberalism. Each item in the current woke agenda is an illiberal bastardization of its progressive 1960s progenitor…

Civil rights and equality have been transformed into anti-racism equity – just the latest manifestation of systemic racism from the same political party that brought us slavery,

Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, fatherless families, failing inner-city schools and black-on-black crime. Free speech has been transformed into McCarthyite crackdowns on disinformation andhate-speech” as the illiberal Left turns increasingly censorious in the struggle to maintain institutional power – especially within academia and even the most liberal corporate media franchises.

Feminism and women’s rights have been sacrificed on the altar of trans rights. Strangely, while no one on the Left can define a woman these days, no one seems to have the same problem when it comes to defining the rights of a woman. Postmodern gender theory ultimately champions the rights of male trans-women at the expense of the suddenly expendable rights of biological women.

The anti-war, anti-defense-establishment movement of the 1960s has resolved in 2022 as the pro-war, pro-defense-establishment movement. The radical anti-war student activists of the 1960s are pro-war hawks today, eager to strip away the Second Amendment rights of their neighbors while they arm pro-Nazi Ukrainian battalions to the teeth.

The Earth First environmental movement of the 60s has been transformed into climate change fascism, where Green New Deal dictates are handed down by unilateral executive order and, without fail, fall hardest on the poor and middle-class people of all colors.

It’s as if the entire Democratic Party, all of academia, corporate media, the techno-media cartel, and every major government agency have moved backward in time to become the Republican Party of the 1960s: elitist, censorial, illiberal, shrill, puritanical, humorless and insufferable. That every item of their Woke Agenda damages and oppresses the very demographics they still profess to care about means nothing to them. It’s all about power, and they know the writing is on the wall. Turns out that the only ones more desperate and dangerous than those who aspire to great power are those who want to hold onto it at all costs.

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