Is the U.S. supporting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

The invasion of Ukraine continues to rage on. As the Russian Federation continues to openly commit war crimes across the nation, many found themselves wondering how they could justify this invasion to their people? Surely the Russian people aren’t blindly supporting the murder of foreigners, right?

In 2014, known Neo-Nazi militant and political party leader Andriy Biletsky was elected to the Ukrainian parliament. He is known to have led the Social National Assembly. A NeoNazi group with a documented history of physically attacking minorities.

In 2010, Andriy openly stated that the mission of Ukraine was “To lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against the semite-led Untermenschen.” Untermenschen is a German word for ‘inferior people’. 

On Monday, February 27th, 2022, the Ukrainian government posted a video to an official government Twitter account with a verified check mark. In said video, a soldier, purportedly a member of the Neo-Nazi Azov military unit, can be seen rubbing pig grease onto his bullets. Meant to bring about religious persecution for any Islamic Russians that they should fire upon.

The video was flagged by Twitter almost immediately, but it gives a disturbing look at the people America is rooting for. They would happily stomp upon the religious beliefs of their enemies. While people claim they are fighting against fascism, they are actively fighting alongside Nazis.

The Azov fighters were formally inducted into the Ukrainian military on November 12 2014 by then president Petro Poroshenko following their involvement in the reclaiming of Mariupol. The President at the time described them as “Our best warriors, our best volunteers.”

On June 7th 2018, a group of Azov veterans lead a raid on a Romany camp in Kyiv’s Holosiyivskiy park. The group recorded the entire incident, and posted it to multiple social media platforms. They destroyed tents, scattered the belongings of women and children. All the while making disparaging remarks about their ethnic background. Including accusing them of eating dogs.

Uniformed Ukrainian police arrived on the scene in the video, and could be seen casually conversing with the attackers. Their video ended with the group posing together amidst the ruins of the camp. “Glory to the nation! Death to enemies!” was the rallying cry at the end.

A spokesperson for the Kyiv police later told news outlets that the Romany group had already fled the camp before the attack began. Something that was clearly contradicted by the group’s own videos posted to social media accounts. Oksana Blyschick, the spokesperson in question, deliberately misled the media about the situation.

There is a clear documented trail of violence by this group. What’s more, they run social media pages that are available to the public to view. An active, and self proclaimed Neo-Nazi paramilitary group that is directly funded by the Ukrainian government, which makes them indirectly funded by the United States government. And they run Facebook pages, and post videos to recruit people.

It’s like watching ISIS in Europe. A state sponsored terrorist group who openly declares their desire to eradicate lesser people who practice other forms of religion. Which brings up an even greater question.

Is Russia lying about the oppression of separatist forces? Certainly we hear all the time about the Russian-backed separatists, but why don’t we ever hear about why those people want to separate in the first place? One possible answer is that it looks bad for certain Western governments.

While reports of “Isis Style beheadings” have come out of Eastern Ukraine since 2014, these are rarely spoken about by Western media or politicians. These Neo-Nazis were actively committing war crimes in September 2014. Meaning that before they were ever integrated into the official Ukrainian military, human rights organizations like Amnesty international were already reporting their crimes.

For over eight years, Western nations have been dumping money into Ukraine. From defense aid such as javelin missiles, to financial aid in the form of investments, as well as humanitarian aid. How is it that this entire time those nations missed a highly active Neo-Nazi organisation, with high-ranking government officials, who openly declare to reporters that they believe Ukraine’s purpose is to lead the white races against the rest of us?

Certainly the media has been covering it for years. Stories dating back to the creation of the Azov fighters are all over the internet. Videos are routinely posted by the group on various social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. So why is the U.S. and other Western governments backing Ukraine when it is so blatantly corrupt?

It’s for the same reason the Ford automotive company continued to do business with Nazi Germany, regardless of what Hitler had to say. The same reason the Koch brothers continue to do business with Russia, regardless of the war crimes they commit. Money, those pieces of paper that make the world go round.

Ukraine is a nation rich in resources. Resources that the rest of the world is desperate to get their hands on. In particular, lithium, the key component for batteries, is estimated to be in high concentration within the nation. Coincidentally, one of the separatist movements known as the “Donetsk people’s republic” happens to be in a region with a rich lithium deposit.

Another coincidence is that the Chinese company Chengxin Lithium had applied for the mineral rights to the area before the invasion began. An Australian firm known as European Lithium had applied for lithium rights in the same area. Odd that a company from Russia’s closest ally happened to be in a contest for mineral rights in an area that is now being invaded by Russia.

The reality, it seems, is that neither side of this conflict is anything but corrupt power-hungry politicians. Some appear to be trying to hold on to their power by whatever means are necessary. While others stand on the shoulders of fascist paramilitary groups and proclaim themselves to be the sentinels of freedom and democracy.


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