Growing up in New Jersey, I am no stranger to the lies, corruption and hypocrisy that comes from our politicians. The type of people that smile in your face making promises while hiding their hand behind their back with fingers crossed. The people that try to pander and pretend to be just like you, only with a suit. They gloat about their days of being a community organizer but their new community has gates surrounding it. They are attempting to manipulate us so we don’t see them for what they really are; elitists.

These people preach about being lawful citizens while simultaneously breaking the law. These people say they are just like us but they don’t abide by the same rules as us. Even worse, these people forget that we the people elected them and they weren’t appointed by divine intervention. Their importance fills their heads with helium-like grandeur so they can float above us dictating our lives without question nor conscience. Now that they have risen above us, they will continue to look down on us and make sure we feel their wrath without impunity.

We were told as a population to surrender to our government for the greater good. We were told to stay isolated to stop the spread. We allowed for the government to have the power to determine our importance, our livelihoods and our sanity. We nodded in acceptance to their new edict only on a temporary basis but once you give them power, they rarely give it back.

I look coast to coast and the people that we naively trusted into office don’t trust us. That power we allowed them is publicly flexed like the strongman dictators that they pretend to be. They tyrannically feel that the “rules are for thee but not for me”, so abide by them or you will suffer the consequences.

New Yorkers trusted Ruler De Blasio with their lives but his management of a crisis became the management of people. The curve was over but his rule was not. His rules we must abide by but the constitution is on pause indefinitely. When god fearing people wanted to find some hope among the chaos, New York’s new ruler closed God’s home for their own good. When the Jewish community wanted to abide by religious rules, Ruler De Blasio made sure that they understood that there is only one rule now; his. If you grieve the passing of a beloved rabbi, he will send his foot soldiers to harass you. If you break the locks on the gates to your park, he will send his goons to your home to make sure you are complying.

Like many top heavy governments and dictatorships, they don’t abide by their own rules. Ruler De Blasio scolded anyone that dared to leave their home but it was okay for him to go to another borough and walk in the park at the peak of the outbreak. When people had enough of his tyranny and attempted to protest, he exclaimed that all protesting is forbidden. However, it is perfectly okay to protest things that he personally feels are important. He will give allowances for the many thousands that want to cluster into the city centers for a cause that he feels is justified but will shun the few that dared to stand up to his rulership. Even more egregiously, he will take your own tax dollars to paint the street in front of his mortal enemy’s building all so he can prove how powerful he is. This person doesn’t care that your family member died and you weren’t allowed to mourn their loss with a traditional funeral. This person doesn’t care that your business was looted because he told the cops to stand down. This person doesn’t even care about your safety as a law abiding citizen because he let the criminals out so they don’t catch a cold.

If you defy their orders, they will come for you. If you threaten their newly obtained power, you will be stricken down like the scum they think you are. You could be a small town barber shop owner like Karl Menke that is trying to stay afloat in a town that isn’t affected by the virus but Ruler Gretchen Whitmer will use all her might to inflict pain upon thee. She will use her governmental apparatus to suspend your barbers license and threaten your livelihood because only some lives matter to these people. However, when Gretchen’s husband gets caught taking out their boat and name-dropping in an attempt to gain special privileges, Ruler Whitmer will laugh away the hypocrisy by claiming that it’s no big deal and just a bad joke. The joke is that we believe that these people believe in their own rules; they clearly don’t.

If you live in Los Angeles, defiance comes at an extreme cost to your survival. We assumed that services like water and power were essential but Ruler Eric Garcetti made sure to remind us that they are luxuries that they control, not us. Break his rules and he will break you.

After months upon months of their exhausting rules, mandates and enforcement, the people want an escape to normalcy. They want to do something simple like go to a restaurant indoors like they used to. They are nostalgic about a packed restaurant and tasting their favorite delicacy but their new rulers wag their finger in disapproval for this possibility. You must only eat outside much like the animal they think you are.

However, in California, Ruler Gavin Newsom found it perfectly fine to do what you aren’t allowed to do. You see, he can eat with his friends, without a mask and sit really close to them; remember those days? Remember when you had freedom? Remember when you could practice normal human behavior without looking like a ninja? Well, Ruler Newsom never lost his freedom, matter of fact, he redefined what freedom is in California for you but not for him. When he gets called out on it, he can make excuses and promises but ultimately you have no choice but to accept his words. So, when Ruler Gavin ironically has dinner with medical lobbyists, they can all laugh at the peasants that castrate their freedom for supposed safety.

The rulers have made it clear that the rules are only for us, not them. They give you a nice show with their press conferences talking about togetherness while they would never be caught with the likes of us. They live in the clouds above us so they can reign down on us. They wear their masks to virtue signal but there is no virtue in their hypocrisy. I only gave a few examples but there are countless ones around the country that you could highlight. How about Ruler Lori Lightfoot saying no one can have a haircut but when she gets caught violating her own edict, it’s perfectly acceptable because “I’m a public figure“. How about Ruler Nancy Pelosi going to the hairdresser with no mask on, inside a salon that wasn’t even supposed to be open? The elite can’t sacrifice their life of pamper but you sure can sacrifice your survival.

We have to ask ourselves at some point, do these people that claim to want to protect us from a dangerous virus really believe that this virus is that dangerous? If they don’t believe that it’s as dangerous by their behavior, then that should tell us something. This does not mean that people aren’t dying, they obviously are but the people who are in charge can’t even abide by their own rules that they expect the average person to live by. They see themselves as essential to our existence but we put them in that position and we can take them out of that position.

We as Americans need to be extremely wary with the amount of power we are allowing these people to have. Our acceptance of their rules in place of actual laws and our constitution will be to our detriment and not theirs. We are setting the precedence for how much abuse we are willing to take and once a Governor or Mayor gets away with it, it is likely to be practiced again and again all for the sake of our alleged safety.

We are trusting people that won a popularity contest to determine what time a business can stay open till or if your children can go to school or if you can even work. This is a bipartisan concern because power does not care if you have an R or a D next to your name. People that are attracted to power will always find a way to use it.

With great power comes great responsibility but these people are irresponsible. Ruler Cuomo wrote a book about how great he handled this crisis but neglects to address why he sent thousands of COVID patients to our most vulnerable population in nursing homes. Ruler Whitmer sent non-elderly COVID patients to nursing homes resulting in thousands of deaths and contributed to the creation a viral video of an elderly man (Norman Bledsoe) being beaten mercilessly by a 20 year old COVID patient (Jaden Hayden) in a nursing home. The disregard for the most vulnerable even happened in Pennsylvania when Ruler Tom Wolf followed the same terrible policy resulting in more deaths.

Remember when they said if you are protesting to have your freedom back, then you must be trying to kill grandma but the elite can literally kill grandma with their poor policies and no one cares. These rulers believe that they know better than us yet they are so unapologetically careless with our lives.

The most dangerous person is not necessarily the person with ill intent, it is the person that believes that they are doing things for your own good and when you give them power they will make sure to wrap their hands around your neck to strangle you with care. It is the absolute arrogance that is mind-blowingly obvious but we are either too scared or tribal to call it out.

While we are bickering online about partisan viewpoints with COVID, crony capitalism is flourishing because our “rulers” have determined that Amazon, Walmart and Target are essential to the population but your business is a potential viral hotbed. While you wait in food lines and pray that you get a stimulus check, the stock market is booming. The elite are not only fine with the transfer of power but they are also in favor of the transfer in wealth.

There needs to be a new awakening of how we view all public officials regardless of political party. They are here to serve us, not vice versa and their power needs to be checked. Our safety should not come at the expense of our freedom and the gaining of their power monopoly. Their mandates are not laws and when they utilize law enforcement to jail us and fine us, they are the ones that are out of order, not us. Absolute power rules absolutely but they should not rule us into the absolute.

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