A message to your school board

Across America, we have parents that are legitimately concerned with what is going on in their school districts. School boards have taken it upon themselves to implement aspects of Critical Race Theory into their school’s curriculum. Thankfully parents are standing up in front of their school boards by speaking their mind. Some parents have reached out to me to help with providing words to speak when talking to their school boards. Below is what I am providing to the public:

The travesty of Jim Crow laws was not how white people treated black people, it was how the government was utilized to enforce racialized policies at which dictated the behavior of both white and black Americans. As representatives of a government institution, creating policies and educational standards surrounded by the premise of race puts you in a similar position as the people in the past that we chastise today.

If we are to live in a multi-racial society, pointing out our differences and enhancing the perception of our inevitable successes or failures due to our pigmentation will only perpetuate the hatred you claim to want to end. If you are doing this to crusade against what you think are black people’s inevitable failures, then you are doing black people like myself a disservice. Placing blacks as constant victims only continues to reduce us to being agentless victims when we are America’s victors.

We do not need your pity and we do not need saving. Our differences are only superficial and treating us differently only highlights how superficial racial policies are. If you want us to be equals in America, then treat us like one. Stop viewing us as the white man’s burden and treat us as human beings with agency. If you truly want to help black people or any other minority, do something that previous government institutions failed to do…STAY OUT OF OUR WAY!

Adam B. Coleman

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