Conservatives: The people that want to be left alone

When I have conversations with people, I tend to dive deeper into the words that flow out of their mouth. I want to understand the essence of this person, how they came to certain conclusions in their life and their general perspective of a wide range of topics. What I have learned about people is that sometimes they tell you things that they didn’t mean to express. I state this psychological assessment because I noticed a reoccurring statement that sticks out to me like a neon light: “I just want to be left alone”.

People don’t say things without a reason, so why would conservatives feel that they are being intruded upon? Is this statement based on something irrational or is it something legitimate that we are constantly overlooking?

Conservatives are people who enjoy their independence of all forms but are living in a world that is infatuated with mandates and forced social awareness. Conservatives are being told to participate in performative social obedience when all they want to do is be left alone. From their perspective, the world has become an asylum that the insane control rather than being controlled by the sane. Either way, they want no part in it, they just want to be left alone.

Liberal western society is attempting to thrust everyone into the fire so they can burn with those who chose to stand in it in the first place. When they have a long day at work and want to decompress by watching television, they will be bombarded with messaging about racism in commercials. NBA and NFL league ownership will pander to their black “wokeforce” and graffiti public statements so their viewers will have no choice but participate in both games on display. When they attempt to return to a place of innocence like playing video games, game developers will interrupt their fun with more social justice messaging. After turning off the television and slamming the controller to the ground, they will put their hands over their face and mutter “I just want to be left alone”.

When they look over their children’s school work, they will start to notice how the teachers that they trusted have transformed into activists first, educators second. Math equations will have sprinklings of political narratives that don’t add up and History will be taught from an angle of bias rather than fact. The political indoctrination that seemed so far away from their children has now made its way into their homes in the disguise of textbooks. With disgust, they will contact the school and exclaim angrily “We just want to be left alone!”

For the white conservatives, their personal relationships will immediately deteriorate once others find out their personal beliefs. Their black friends will demand an apology for something they didn’t do and their white friends will chastise them for fighting against the trend of socially acceptable masochistic white guilt. Their family will be scolded for possessing something that they were born with yet is invisible; Privilege. Their children will walk through the door with their head slumped and tears flowing down their cheeks because they can’t understand why their friends called them “racist”. They will hold their child in their arms and once again mutter softly “I just want to be left alone…”

For the black conservative, they want to be left alone from the ridicule that they know they will face if other black people know of their secret. Black conservatives see themselves as someone who is self-reliant but in order to be this way, you must reject the victim mindset that runs deep in the psyche of black America. The problem is that the rejection of victimhood will be interpreted as the rejection of blackness. In one moment, they will experience black inclusion and love, the next moment, their blackness will audited and likely disregarded. It is not enough to disown the black conservative from their family but also from the culture in its entirety. They must be labeled traitors because it is assumed that they hate who they are and must want to be adopted by the counter white culture, comparatively like the character Clayton Bigsby, a black-white supremacist. So when the uncomfortable moment comes when they are surrounded by other black people, they must make the decision to either admit their distaste for victim riddled social movements to everyone’s dismay or falsely represent themselves in order to keep black social acceptance. Even more condescending, their so-called white liberal friends will also participate in the black reductionism because they only see black people in one framing lens; White Man’s Burden.

There is a movement to force ideology on all of us by means of media, entertainment, institutions of education and personal relationships. Regardless of validity, you must comply or else they will censor you, dox you or discredit you. There is no reasoning with people who only have the intention of getting what they want and compliance only goes in one direction.

Conservatives want to be left alone from the people that tell them that they must only see race as a determining factor. Conservatives want to be left alone from policies that say that they can’t protect themselves under any condition. Conservatives want to be left alone from everyone else’s guilt trip because masochism isn’t their style. Conservatives want to be left alone from being verbally and physically assaulted for loving their country despite its flaws. Conservatives don’t care how you live your life but they are tired of the need to force compliancy with rules that they don’t agree with. They just want to be left alone.


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