Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not represent Hispanics, and here is why

I still have fresh in my memory, how Latinas around the world celebrated that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) won a seat in the Congress.“History is made” “Representation matters” as well as many other expressions were easy to find in social media. Every single Hispanic oriented media around the world celebrated this, and broadcasted every single second of her arrival to the Congress, like a queen getting her throne.

Sad and pathetic to see Venezuelan, Cuban and Nicaraguan women, cheering a feminist, Marxist and Socialist woman knowing what it is to live the horrors of those regimes. The fact that they still celebrated her election puts them on a lower level in my eyes.

Meanwhile conservative hispanic Mayra Flores was dragged in the main stream media. The New York times tried to manipulate their readers claiming that Congresswoman Mayra Flores is from the “far right” and a “Trumpist”, CNN called her “not the real deal”. You may not like Mayra as a constituent but still, she deserves respect and being called what she is: a congresswoman. End of story.

In the meantime, Hispanic oriented media, hardly broadcasted any news related with congresswoman Flores, and yet in sharp contrast AOC has every single mainstream media outlet, even so called independent ones, praising her and amplifying her voice. And some people still don’t get where the problem begins…

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, does not represent any Hispanic or Latino at all. She is the face and the voice of all that is wrong in the world: feminism, abortion, socialism, you name it, and she is advocating for it.

Ironically Latinos or Hispanics that AOC claims to represent, are historically moving to the United States of America in search of freedom, prosperity and security.

Socialism goes against prosperity, and it’s a proven fact that it doesn’t work. It has been tried in different ways, countries and moments of history. It gave the same result, over and over again: poverty, broken economies, starvation, hunger and the list goes on.

Freedom in every way, shape and form is the first thing you lose when socialism and communism are ruling a country. The main purpose of these ideologies is having total control of a country and its population.

When it comes to security, trust me, you have none in a socialist or communist country. Why? It’s a common tactic, through the history of these ideologies, that terrorists’ organizations are the biggest allies of Communist Governments to remain in the power. If this is not enough, they train and provide high caliber guns to local criminals to control anyone who dares to be in opposition to them. They are chosen and used to commit the most abhorrent crimes you could ever imagine.

Everything, and I mean every single thing that happens in a socialist or communist country, has been previously planned, nothing is spontaneous and has the unique goal to break down the citizens, silence them and dominate every single aspect of of the country and its resources.

As I said before it is not a coincidence, the march of the events was created to unfold exactly this way.

Latinos/Hispanics are conservatives by nature, conservatives are pro-life. Meanwhile, AOC is the biggest and loudest liberal Latina worldwide promoting abortions. Recently she said that even if the baby is 40 weeks along, if it needs to be aborted, she wants to make sure it can happen.

If all of this is not enough, she does little to stand up for our community. Recently, Jill Biden gave a very offensive speech in Texas, where she compared us to Tacos and Bodegas.

Where was Alexandria standing up for us? Have you heard anything from her about it? Zero words, zero posts in social media. Nada. Absolutely nothing.

Years ago I learned a very valuable lesson: silences are answers too, and this time is not the exception. She doesn’t care at all about her constituents, or Latinos/Hispanics.

The cherry on top comes when she conveniently remembers when to be Puerto Rican or not, or when she uses the slur Latinx. Only someone that truly hates her roots and her race behaves this way.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortes represents all that is wrong worldwide. She represents the radical left, and the progressive movement agenda. Everything but what Latinos/Hispanics really are.

So next time you want to call her a representative of us, make sure to not name us or use us. We are really tired of it.


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